Believe me when I say, that the Middle Eastern jewellery market is a treasure trove of luxury jewellery. Almost every street you walk down in Iran for example, will have a selection of glorious gold, glistening silvers, and a myriad of precious stones that adorn shopfronts and marketplaces. But, how do you access this style of jewellery when living in the West?

JewelStreet is a microcosm of the world. It is a creative hub that is home to over 500 independent jewellery designers from all over the globe. This means that you have access to exclusive and limited edition designs from the Middle-East. Now that’s something that you definitely can’t find on the average western high street. 

This past year, the idea of cultural appropriation has risen to the forefront of fashion industry news. The naivety of incorporating other cultural styles into your own stems from the disregard for its origins and history. The good thing with these jewellery designs, is that you know exactly where they come from and who they have been made by. Each piece has its own story to tell. Here is a list of the top 5 Middle-Eastern jewellery brands that you should be wearing. Educate yourself on the importance of heritage and history of each piece, and wear it in solidarity with its origins.

Whether you’re from the Middle-East and want to carry a little piece of home around with you, or you admire the history of design and artwork in the region, then you’re guaranteed to find a something that you love here. 

Tiny-Om based in Bahrain

The designer behind Tiny-Om, Virginie Dreyer, moved to the Middle East after working as a lawyer in  Paris for many years. This dichotomous change in environment added a dynamic twist to her subsequent jewellery designs. Tiny-Om was born from a need for jewellery that protects and serves as a positive healing medallion to its wearer. Infused with the teachings of yoga, which is one of Dreyer’s main passions, this jewellery collection has huge symbolic value and resonance. The Tiny-Om name itself derives from the Om mantra. This is a greeting used in meditation and yoga, which is thought of as the sound of the universe. Dreyer’s jewellery is imbued with the warmth and cosmic vibrations of a higher power, and evoke tranquility and peacefulness. Tiny-Om jewellery acts as a connective thread, linking all souls into one streamlined energy.

Rose Gold Mother Earth Ring | Tiny-Om

Tiny-Om | Rose Gold Mother Earth Ring | £816.00

Kaizarin inspired by India & Iran 

Kaizarin is a jewellery brand that is influenced by the rich and deep significance of Persian artistry and culture. London based designer Kaizarin was born in India, but her pieces largely function as talismans that commemorate her Persian ancestry. Kaizarin has spoken fondly of this driving force behind her designs, and wishes to open a dialogue about the Middle-East through her jewellery.  Inspired by her childhood in the Middle-East, this is yet another brand that radiates the warmth of memories and the longing for your homeland. Therefore, this jewellery collection has a reassuring presence that evokes fondness and self-reflection. Kaizarin insists on using 18 carat gold in all of her piece, and never compromises on standards and perfect execution. After all, it takes time to make something so timeless.

Yellow Gold & Diamond Pearl Drop Earrings | Kaizarin

Kaizarin | Yellow Gold & Diamond Pearl Drop Earrings | £120.00




Nobahar Designs and the Persian Empire

Sogand Nobahar is the lead designer behind Nobahar Design. This is a jewellery brand that does not subscribe to geographical traditions, and instead forges its own path of innovation and regrowth. Sogand hopes to revolutionise the way in which people perceive jewellery, and there is emphasis placed on how the jewellery makes you think and feel. After all, it is fashioned from Sogand’s mind, and so holds a certain aspect of her personal feelings and experiences within it. This MyCity Tehran Cuff in particular is informed by the sense of loss that Sogand feels when separated from her home country. She has said that “when you live abroad, you always have the feeling of having left something behind”. Carry this cuff with you as a small reminder of home, and simultaneously trace the historical importance of jewellery as a token of Persia’s ancient civilisation.

MyCity Tehran Wide Cuff In White Pat Silver

Nobahar Designs | MyCity Tehran Wide Cuff in White Pat Silver | £171.00