Social media has become a powerful space to share stories and express ourselves in our truest form. It is a communication hub that has widened the scope of who is being heard and whose voice matters. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter platforms have become home to a number of impactful millennial trans, non-binary and gender neutral influencers. They have risen to the forefront following a fairly politically unsympathetic year for the gender-queer community.

Social media influencers have catalysed the move toward a society of acceptance and open-mindedness. This is a society that focuses less on gender rigid structures of the past, and instead encourages self-expression and non-conformity. Take a look at the top influencers you should be following, and queer-up your Insta feed this year. 

Eli Erlick

Eli self-identifies as a queer transgender youth activist, writer and public speaker. After coming out as queer and trans at eight years old, she experienced a backlash within her community. Later on in life, she founded the Trans Student Educational Resources, which works to transform environmental spaces for trans students. Since then, Eli has been at the forefront of transgender justice and education.

As society evolves, fashion evolves too. The future is one filled with gender-fluid style and unisex pieces. Jewellery, in particular, is a reflection of your identity. Eli’s style is vibrant and divergent.

Kai Wes

kai’s Instagram bio states that more people should be “riding the gender waves attempting to do something meaningful”. Identifying as non-binary, as Kai does, can have a different meaning to different people. Generally, it references the feeling that one does not identify with the concept of gender. Kai’s Instagram highlights are definitely worth the watch. They feature topical points of conversation including cis-privilege and testosterone.

Kai’s style reminds us of three very important things. Beauty has no gender. Beauty has no labels. Beauty is your authentic self.

Rain Dove

Rain Dove is a fire -fighter turned model who is revolutionising the fashion industry. Rain is a self-confessed “Gender Capitalist” and uses social media platforms alongside YouTube to voice concerns over gendered stereotypes and the need for more people to defy them. With a style that moves beyond the binary, Rain really does re-write the gendered “rules” of fashion..

In the past, Rain has voiced concern over gender fluidity being seen as a trend. People should be investing in gender fluid fashion not just because it is popular. Your jewellery should be chosen because you have a special affinity to it, are drawn to it in a particular way, or prefer to dress in opposition to gendered norms.

The days of women exclusively wearing earrings and men exclusively wearing cufflinks are over. Rain is a perfect example of this.

Andreja Pejic

Andreja Pejic came out as a trans woman in 2013, and was previously well-known for being the first completely androgynous supermodel. She is now working as a successful actress, alongside being one of the most recognisable transgender models in the world.

One of her Instagram posts that really struck a cord was the neon signage spelling out the words “Anatomy is not destiny”. Andreja’s style is colourful, fresh, visible and exudes confidence.

Hari Nef

Hari Nef is an American actress, model and writer. Nef is a trans woman and is well-known for openly speaking out about trans issues. She has previously talked about how there are many ways to be trans, and no one person is the same.

Hari is of the belief that society, and the world of fashion, needs to disregard labels and really listen to people. Listening breeds understanding. Here at JewelStreet, we champion jewellery that serves the people.

Social media should be all about positive visibility, so show these influencers some love!

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