We’ve snuck into Santa’s sleigh and retrieved a full-proof Christmas gift guide to help you find the ultimate presents for your loved ones this year. We’re feeling generous here at JewelStreet, and have decided to let you take a sneak peak. After all, we do want to remain on the nice list!

We’re dreaming of a white Christmas…

The first ultimate Christmas gift idea is this stunning Creeper Ear Crawler comprised of 18kt sandblasted rose gold with marquise and round diamonds. When we think of Christmas, we think of snow, and we have our fingers crossed that we wake up Christmas morning to see an untouched blanket of white covering the streets. The glistening diamonds within this piece give the effect of when snow settles on a branch and coats the leaves, and then slowly turns into icicles as the cold weather intensifies. Who wouldn’t be happy to receive this elegant and statemented jewellery piece?

Creeper Ear Crawler   Creeper Ear Crawler

Gunjan Bhandari | Creeper Ear Crawler | £27,032.00

We would be over the moon to receive these...

Celestial and heavenly symbolism is embedded into Christmas traditions and can also be incorporated into gifting. Because of this, we often see angel wings and stars start to emerge on the lead-up to Christmas. Consider gifting these beautifully handmade designs by Kaizarin, including the Yellow Gold & Diamond Open Stars Ring; the Silver, Rose Gold & Diamond Open Stars Bangle; and the Rose Gold & Diamond Starry Earrings. Stars epitomise the festive period, but can also be worn all year round.


Kaizarin | Silver, Rose Gold & Diamond Open Stars BangleYellow Gold & Diamond Open Stars RingRose Gold & Diamond Starry Earrings | £TBC, £140.00 and £800.00

A sprinkle of magic this Christmas…

This Diamond Bar White Gold Pendant is another exquisite, timeless and sophisticated piece to gift someone special this Christmas. It is an incredibly versatile design, that is wearable on an everyday basis, but is also able to elevate an evening outfit. The necklace is set with 9 brilliant cut diamonds that exude the utmost luxury and quality.

 Diamond Bar White Gold Pendant    Diamond Bar White Gold Pendant

BOX | Diamond Bar White Gold Pendant | £425.00

Feel like children again…

Christmas is a time that holds many precious memories, including ones of receiving toys and games that we treasured when we were younger. Consider gifting this adorable sterling silver charm necklace in the shape of a toy soldier to someone, and remind them how precious Christmas really is. This piece is reminiscent of the traditional Christmas gift of a nutcracker doll, which was a symbol of good luck as it was rumoured to scare away bad spirits. Open up the soldier and you will find that another miniature version sits inside, that can also hang on the chain if you wish. This really does encompasses the true spirit of Christmas: magic, surprise and delight.

Soldier Soldier Necklace

Reeves and Reeves | Soldier Soldier Necklace | £95.00

‘Tis the season to wear red and green…

Red and green are two Christmas themed colours that both command attention. These two colours are extremely festive and echo two universally recognised symbols of Christmas: Father Christmas himself, and the Christmas tree which takes pride of place in our living rooms. In order to commemorate this colour scheme, the below two sets of earrings are two gifts that would be perfect Christmas present ideas. The African Oval Cut Ruby & Diamond Earrings Hand-carved in 18kt Yellow Gold have precious red gemstones that gently glisten and catch the light. The Panache Hook Earrings With Green Jade, in contrast, are embellished with green jade and filigree beads that are reminiscent of Christmas tree ornaments.

African Oval Cut Ruby   Green Jade

Diamoire Jewels | African Oval Cut Ruby & Diamond Earrings Hand-carved in 18kt Yellow Gold | £835.00

M's Gems by Mamta Valrani | Panache Hook Earrings With Green Jade | £51.00