It’s a new year, and the date of your wedding is firmly circled in the calendar. You proposed, and it went well… your partner said yes and that’s all anyone can ask for! Wedding planning is most likely consuming your spare time. It can become a vacuum that sucks the joy out of your life. There is an endless list of tasks to complete, and nervousness is causing beads of sweat to slowly form on your browline. Tick one thing off your list and be ahead of the game...

The sooner you get your wedding rings sorted, the better. I’m here to take you through the top wedding ring trends of 2019, and let you in on a few industry secrets as to what your best wedding band options are. Firstly, you have to consider colour. Is your go-to jewellery silver, gold, rose gold or something else? Do you and your partner have matching tastes? Do you know what style of ring you would like? There are so many cuts, carats and shapes to choose from, and we can help you to start off the search in style. 

You have to remember, that this ring is one that you will wear on a daily basis. You will wear it on the school run, to the gym, on holiday, the list goes on. Is it a practical piece of jewellery for you? Read on to find out the growing wedding ring trends of 2019, and how you can incorporate them into your wedding ring purchase.

Eternity Bands

Eternity bands are also known as infinity rings. They are often characterised by a simple band of precious metal, which is set with a line of identically cut gemstones. This shape and style has been a favourite in recent years. It is especially popular with those who want something elegant and understated, yet with a special sparkle too. This type of ring runs streamline with your finger, and when worn, is less likely to catch on clothing or get in the way of everyday tasks. Take it from me, the eternity ring is on the rise this year, and is perfect for the hardworking person like you, who needs to use their hands a lot.

9kt White Gold Round Diamond Eternity Wedding Ring   18kt White Gold Diamond Eternity Wedding Ring   18kt Yellow Gold Round Diamond Eternity Wedding Ring

Star Wedding Rings | 9kt White Gold Round Diamond Eternity Wedding Ring18kt White Gold Diamond Eternity Wedding Ring, 18kt Yellow Gold Round Diamond Eternity Wedding Ring | £503.00, £513.00 and £332.00

Coloured Stones

People are moving away from the classic round, white diamonds, and there has been an increased  demand for wedding rings that have unique cuts, untraditional colours and imperfect stones. JewelStreet is home to a distinctive collection of wedding bands that introduce a subtle twist into classic designs. These rings are handmade for the Bride and Groom who defy convention, and wish to. If you see yourself wearing your wedding band every day, what colour do you think will be easiest to style alongside? Consider this when purchasing your ring, and ensure that you can visualise the colour accents of the ring with your every attire.

Twilight Entourage Ring With Emerald   18kt Rose Gold EyeOnYou Ring With Green & Pink Diamonds   Crossfire Ring

Triple Band Rings

Rings with multiple bands are slowly becoming a much loved favourite within the wedding jewellery world. They can be made of interweaving bands that join as a singular piece, or can be created with three separate stackable rings. The inclusion of mixed metals and varying tonalities make for a unique and individualistic look. Having multiple wedding bands is a huge positive, as you can change the look of your wedding band to suit your mood. It doesn’t have to look the same everyday. You can switch it up and only wear one of the rings, or wear all three for extra impact. This type of wedding band is perfect for the person who invests in jewellery that is playful and distinguishes them from the crowd. 

18kt Yellow Gold, 18kt Rose Gold & Platinum Diamond Ring   Three Diamond Row Band   9kt Yellow, White, & Rose Gold Walton Russian Wedding Ring - 2mm

Oh my Christine Jewelry | Three Diamond Row Band | £1,708.00

Uniquely Shaped Diamonds

Diamonds are everybody’s best friend, but the traditional cuts have become dreary and - dare I say it - predictable. Why not try something different? These rings still retain the elegance and sophistication of a traditional wedding band, but they carry an air of fine fashion and have a high-end feel to them, regardless of their price. Follow in the footsteps of the likes of Victoria Beckham with an exclusive pear cut solitaire, or channel the grace of Hailey Baldwin’s oval cut diamond. The choice is endless. Take a look at some of the top picks of the JewelStreet collection here...

Sterling Silver & Platinum Three Stone Pear Ring   18kt Rose Gold Chichiponpon Ring With Heart Shape Diamond CenterstonePear & Diamond Arc Ring Set

Little Joy Jewellery | Pear & Diamond Arc Ring Set | £2,160.00