Zodiac Jewellery
There’s a reason zodiac jewellery is the perfect gift. Not only is it personal, stylish and full of sentiment. But it also connects the wearer with astrology for some much-needed celestial magic. Zodiac jewellery is a consistently popular trend. Let’s face it, we all love dabbling in a little horoscope hopefulness. Above all, zodiac jewellery shows someone that they’re one-in-a-million, that they’re unique, special and full of life. Discover the designers with the hottest star sign-inspired pieces. From gemstone rings to constellation pendants, you’ll certainly find the perfect zodiac gifts in this edit.
Zodiac jewellery

Brighton-based jewellery brand Posh Totty Designs are renowned for their delicate personalised jewellery pieces. Each piece is made with honesty and positivity, as lead designer Alice wishes to imbue her jewellery with a positive and whimsical aura. The zodiac collection is especially unique. Each memory keeper is engraved with a star sign’s constellation, adding an authentic touch to any and every outfit. This gift conveys sentiment and style, so make sure you give it to a trendsetting recipient. Take a look at the Posh Totty Designs boutique. 
Zodiac jewellery
Latelita London craft affordable jewellery pieces that don’t sacrifice luxury. Just look at their zodiac range! Featuring delicate gemstones and dainty designs, harness the beauty and radiance of your constellation with their elegant star-sign pendants and bracelets. Choose from icy silver, romantic rose gold, or warm yellow gold and emanate sophistication as your zodiac bracelet dances in the light. This brand will elevate your style to cosmic heights, so don’t miss out on a little celestial magic. Shop the picks here.
zodiac jewellery
Combining astrological constellations with modern industrial vibes, tiss are the Russian jewellery brand with innovation at its core. The diamond accents looked as if scattered from the night sky, forming a striking ring you won’t catch anyone else wearing. Whether you dare to shine brighter with a high-shine finish or you like to keep understated with a matte finish, this ring will add a dash of luxury to your summer wardrobe. Take your style for a ride down the milky way with jewellery that dazzles night and day. Discover tiss' gorgeous boutique here.
Zodiac jewellery
Inspired by the colours of the setting sun and the movements of the stars and planets, Greek-based jewellery brand Faystone aim to capture memories and feelings in their dazzling designs. Sourcing gemstones from all over the world, Faystone jewellery has a cultured and mysterious feel to them. This brand would make the perfect gift for those whose style is edgy and unapologetic. The smoky colours and zodiac-inspired designs resemble stars twinkling in the night sky. Carpe diem and carpe noctem with jewellery that dazzles 24/7. Want to see more? Check out Faystone’s glorious boutique here.