Anwar Hadid

As if the Hadids weren’t already one of the most high profile families in the world. Anwar Hadid, brother to international supermodels Gigi and Bella, marked his new place in the fashion industry by releasing a contemporary unisex jewellery line earlier this spring. Our verdict? We like it. We like it a lot.

The jewellery line, named Martyre, features a unique range of bracelets, rings, pendants and earrings. Founded with rapper Yoni Laham, their brand’s ethos is simple - unisex jewellery that champions individual strength and fortitude. The 19-year-old identified creative void in the industry where consumerism overshadows organic creation. Martyre therefore, represents authenticity by highlighting the conversation that lies behind jewellery.

“It's our mission to restore the substance and symbolism of jewelry, whether it’s worn as a decoration of accomplishment or pledge of love, we find that jewelry holds a personal meaning to us all, communicating the values that we hold.”

The sentimental value of jewellery is often lost in the landscape of fast fashion. Martyre’s pieces are not only affordable (ranging between £75 to £450 approximately) but also crafted using high quality materials - all in .925 silver or 14kt gold. The superior craftsmanship reflects the ethos of the brand: “We celebrate the devotion it takes to commit to something and the pursuit of what you believe in.” These are pieces made to last, carrying meaning and narrative.

The creative drive behind Martyre is visible through their editorial campaign. Shot by by Kevin Ohana in Los Angeles, the predominantly black and white campaign underscores the gender-neutral aspect of their brand. Models, Georgia Fowler, Abdulaye Niang and Anwar Hadid himself are shot in mirrored poses. Decked in layered jewellery with angel motifs and slogans like ‘EVERY SINNER DIES A SAINT’, the aesthetic is both appealing to millennial culture whilst carrying longevity through its sentiment.

Anwar Hadid Martyre jewellery line

Anwar Hadid Martyre jewellery line

Anwar Hadid Martyre jewellery line

Indeed, with Hadid as the front-man of the brand, no doubt sales with soar. Yet despite the founder’s fame and notoriety, the designs speak for themselves. Martyre jewellery conveys the desire for original creation and pieces of value. Click here and check out this leading collection.

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