The Cultural Classic That Has Made A Comeback:

Black Rock Jewel Signet Ring

 Image from Black Rock Jewel

Signet rings are the go-to accessory this season, having featured in many designers' collections from Gucci to Versace. The signet ring is an item with a long cultural history, often worn to signify one's authenticity. How many times have you stalked someone's Instagram page to see what they're like? (Countless, right?) Well back in 3500 BC, you might glance at the imprint engraved on someone's signet rings to assess their credibility. But even today, signet rings can carry this purpose. Available in various forms and designs, you need not look far to find a unique ring to represent you! Whatever you’re aesthetic, here’s three ways you can wear a signet ring – each different, but equally stylish!


Gentlemen Ring Black
Corinne Hamak | Gentlemen Ring | £270.00

With signet rings, extravagance does not necessarily equate boldness! This sterling silver Gentlemen Ring by Corinne Hamak is the perfect pick for those whose style resides in the minimal. Understated and chic, the Gentlemen Ring will carry your coolness from day to night. Hamak crafts her jewellery using wax carving and clay sculpting techniques, techniques inspired by her passion for travel and landscapes. Her process evidently resonates through the textured element of her jewellery, exemplified through the organic aesthetic of the Gentlemen Ring. Finished with a black colour block, Hamak crafts a unique signet ring which gives a twist to the traditional, bestowing an elegant allure to this cultural classic!


Oval-shaped 9kt Yellow Gold Signet Ring

Star Wedding Rings | Oval-shaped 9kt Yellow Gold Lightweight Signet Ring | £182.00

Embrace tradition with this classical gold signet ring. Family is a key value that the signet ring has symbolised throughout history, so why not tie the knot with this beautifully traditional 9kt gold signet ring? Star Wedding Rings aim to infuse traditional elegance with a personal touch. Their Oval-shaped Signet Ring in gold comes with the option to engrave initials onto the face of the ring, transforming a piece of jewellery into a loving gesture to last a lifetime. Simple and modest, this ring will take pride position on your hand as a statement of familial values and devotion. What better way to symbolise your love than through a classic and noble gold ring fit for a King?


Sterling Silver Carved Signet Ring
Black Rock Jewel | Sterling Silver Carved Signet Ring | £247.00

Copenhagen based designer, Vincent Chaisy certainly knows how to rock the boat with his ultra-edgy brand, Black Rock Jewel. As a designer who champions versatility, innovation and attention to detail, this hand-carved signet ring is a piece for a fashion-forward individual like you. Chaisy takes inspiration from the Danish coastline, portrayed through the eroded and rough surface detail of the ring. A rugged, striking and aesthetically pleasing piece, could this signet ring be an extension of you?

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