Timeless glamour

Take a trip through the inspirational roots of Eluroom's key wardrobe pieces.

Studio 54's decadent NY chic, bright psychedelic prints, 70s shapes, skater camo.

Brought together by Rebecca, a big-brand fashion veteran now producing unique pieces for you.

This is perfectly timed for your Spring wardrobe refresh.

And delivered with world-class ethics and sustainability.

And in style.


Rebecca: "Eluroom dresses are made with silk-like materials that caress the skin - wearing one makes you want to dance."

Neem emerald green vintage silk sari kimono wrap dress
This is a collection that could change your life.

Rebecca designs more than dresses; she's a style and mindset expert too. 

You'll feel revived wearing these pieces. And you'll smile.

"The first 20 minutes of your day set the tone for the rest of it," says Rebecca. 

"And if I can give a woman one thing it would be to make that effortless. 

"Nothing is easier than a dress you can throw on, knowing you are ready for anything." 

Which would you choose to start your perfect day?  
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Buy from a British, woman-owned business today. 

Eluroom recycles, and uses "dead stock" fabrics that help cut your carbon footprint.

With no sacrifices on luxury, style or that priceless feeling.

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