Planning a honeymoon is arguably one of the most exciting stages of the wedding process. The idea that you will one day be rewarded for all your hard work - including organising one of the best weddings known to man - is a comforting one. Just picture and your loved one, both sipping from an ice cold drink, basking in the hot sun and talking about an idyllic future together.

We’ve arranged a full-proof list of the top 10 beach honeymoon destinations of all time. Pop your sunglasses on and get in the zone, we’re about to take a look at some picturesque locations that it would seem one could only dream of.

1.  Mexico

Serene, peaceful and tranquil are words synonymous with the shorelines of Mexico. This is one of the more cost-effective options for a long-haul holiday on this list, but it definitely does not lack in beauty, mouthwatering food or fun activities.


2.  Bora Bora

Sometimes you might wish you could change your name and disappear off to another country, especially when the bridesmaids dresses don’t fit or you haven’t received all RSVPs before the date! The beaches in Bora Bora are definitely ones that make you want to pack your bags immediately and relocate.

Bora Bora

3.  St Lucia

This is a view you will want to capture and put on a postcard *sigh* okay...i mean on Instagram. But let’s be honest, this is definitely a view to remember.

St Lucia

4.  Thailand

Ok, so we know this one looks too good to be true, but we can assure you that it isn’t.  Grab a suitcase and start packing, because this beach is calling your name. With Railay Beach, Kata Beach, Donald Duck Bay and Sunrise Beach to name a few, you are spoilt for choice in this location. Well protected and preserved, these beaches are close to national parks, and are surrounded by rain forests that provide great opportunities to explore further inland.


5.  Cuba

With the open ocean stretching out so far in front of you, saying your vows will almost seem like a dream. Cuba is home to a number of pristine beaches that are big enough that they will likely not be overcrowded.  


6.  India

In India you will find golden sands, surrounded by a rich culture and warm atmosphere (not just from the temperature)! This is a location suitable for those who tend to go a bit loopy when they’ve been on the beach for too long. You’ll find that India’s beaches are never too far away from a variety of activities to take part in, not to mention some of the best sightseeing locations around.  

India beach honeymoon

7.  Bahamas

The Bahamas is a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon location with pink sand beaches that you don’t want to miss out on. Apparently the beaches get their pink colour hue from the many pieces of shells and coral within the sand. This is one that you will need to see to believe.


8.  Aruba

Crystal clear water, isolated calm and peacefulness. You don’t need to think about anything here, well perhaps only to remind your other half to put sun cream on. Only a short boat ride away from the populated beaches is an island owned by a hotel where these pink flamingos are based.


9.  Seychelles Islands

Even looking at this picture now, we can almost hear the waves gently crashing into the shoreline. The Seychelles Islands are located in the Indian Ocean, and are exotic, secluded and undisturbed pockets of paradise.


10.  Myanmar

At last we have reached number 10, one of the most obscure locations on our list. Myanmar has historically been uncharted ground for honeymoon goers, but it does have some of the world’s most quiet and private beaches. With numerous uninhabited islands that remain fairly unknown from the mass tourism of today, there are many beaches to discover and explore. This is a great location for the adventurous couple that want to cross another country off their scratch map.