Top 10 Best Wedding Cake Designers in Coventry

The top 10 best wedding cake designers in Coventry are the real cupids. They can cast a baking spell that will make anyone fall deeper in love. Fancy tasting a bit of their magic? 


Cakes by Sophie Page

Cakes by Sophie Page was first established in 2012 out of a love of cake and art. Sophie wanted to continue experimenting with these two passions, and discovered no better way to share her love of creativity than to bake cakes for love. 

Sophie’s fascination with colour and texture is reflected through all of her designs. She will work alongside you to craft a grand and edgy cake that is as memorable as it is delicious. Do you want to sample some? Book in for an initial consultation today by clicking on the image below. 

Find out more about Cakes by Sophie Page here.

 The Cakery Leamington

You want your wedding cake to make a big impression… but it’s not all about size. The Cakery Leamington are experts at checking on the details. No cake will leave the studio unfinished, and the quality control will forever remain second to none. 

This bakery has over 40 years of cake making experience. You can choose from a variety of tried and tested flavours that have been a hit with happy couples in your local area. Whether you’re a fan of the classic moist vanilla sponge or a rich chocolate kind of lover, you’ll find something to your taste here. 

Find out more about The Cakery Leamington here.

Deliciously Divine

A lot of couples don’t know that they should book in their wedding cake the year before the actual wedding date. Why? If you’re looking into the top 10 best bakers in your area, then their diaries are more likely to fill up quickly. Make sure you’re first in the queue for Deliciously Divine. 

Your wedding cake is arguably the most expensive cake that you will buy. Birthday cakes? A piece of cake in comparison (pun intended). Check out Deliciously Divine’s previous creations  by clicking on the image below. 

Find out more about Deliciously Divine here.

Lou's with Love

Louise Ashworth is the braind behind Lou's with love, and she creates elegant, tall wedding cakes designed with your unique requirements in mind. These stunning cakes aren't just cakes, every one of Lousie's designs is a work of art in itself. Book a consultation to finalise your dream design.

Find out more about Lou's with Love here.

Emilia's Cakes

It’s so easy to book in with Emilia’s Cakes. The team will guide you through the cake designing and choosing process step-by-step. If you have any special dietary requirements, they can cater to those too. Gluten-free cakes as well as dairy-free and vegan cakes can be made. 

Their mission? To create the most sensational artisan cakes every imagined. You can bet that yours will be another in a long line of magnificent creations coming out of the bakery doors. 

Find out more about Emilia’s Cakes here.

 Sweet Williams Cakes

Got a sweet tooth? Sweet Williams Cakes cater to couples like you, who aside from yourselves, see the cake as the main centerpiece. Forget the buffet or menu service… everyone’s mind will always be on the cake.

Make sure that your cake isn't anti-climatic. Ensure that it tastes as good on the inside as it looks on the outside. 

Find out more about Sweet Williams Cakes here.

 Cake Design by Pamela

Pamela used to help her Mum and Nan bake cakes when she was just a child. This love of mixing ingredients is something that she has carried with her into adulthood. Her passion is so strong that she decided to open Cake Design by Pamela. It gives her a real sense of joy to know that she is making people happy just like her Mum and Nan did for her. 

Her style? She can go from making a classic and traditional cake, to make something completely contemporary. It’s all up to you. What do you envision your cake to look like? 

Find out more about Cake Design by Pamela here.

Luxury Bakery

The Luxury Bakery in Coventry was established in 1970 by Alan and Jean Miles. After 49 years in the business, they are still supplying quality cakes and confectionery to customers around the area. 

They produce healthy and fresh products every day, and will always work hard to meet the brief. There are no trans fats in their recipes. You can even request as low salt or egg free cake if your so desire. 

Find out more about Luxury Bakery here.

Caking and Baking

Caking and Baking create fabulous cakes for fabulous people. We’re not joking… that’s their actual motto! If you’re feeling extra fabulous on the run-up to your wedding, then maybe you need an extra scrumptious cake to match. 

Based in the beautiful town of Leamington Spa, every cake is freshly baked and individually handcrafted by Saffron. What’s used in the baking process? Only the finest top quality ingredients. 

Find out more about Caking and Baking here.

Lady P's Cakery

Lady P’s Cakery is based in West Midlands, and has been catering to couples in the Coventry area for many years. 

Over the past few years, they’ve seen an influx in Asian Weddings, and have become experts in this field. The team at Lady P’s can create English and Asian style wedding cakes to suit your individual requirements. 

Find out more about Lady P’s Cakery here.