Top 10 Best Wedding Cake Designers in Leeds

Check out the top 10 best wedding cake designers in Leeds to find your perfect flavour. This is a list highlighting what’s on offer in your area. If you’re looking to have the best tasting cake ever made, then you’ll find your baker below. 

When choosing your wedding cake, you need to think carefully about design. It needs to fit in with your colour scheme, wedding theme, and personal preferences. Not only do you have to think looks, but you need to think taste too. Eating a wedding cake is a multi-sensory experience. 

At Wedding Cake Leeds you can choose from a variety of flavour combinations. Contact the team today to schedule your first tasting and consultation. Check out the gallery of wedding cakes they have made by clicking on the image below. 

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Cake by Corinne is a much-loved baking atelier in Leeds, which can supply you with some of the most mouthwatering and delicious cake samples in all the land. 

Corinne runs this bustling business from her home kitchen. All cakes are handmade from scratch, and are made from the finest ingredients. You’ll just have to taste them to find out how amazing they really are. Click on the image below to find out more. 

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Established in 2013, this lovely wedding cake studio is run by a loving father and daughter team. They specialise in creating bespoke and handmade wedding cakes, as well as delectable hand crafted chocolates. 

This is baking with an injection of personality and happiness. You can feel the joy and passion behind their craft just by looking at their designs. There is nothing more special than making a cake to commemorate your love. 

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Board to Tiers is an established independent cake making company with over 5 years of experience in the industry. They’re the leading company for both creating and decorating edible masterpieces. 

You can visit the charming shop for yourself to see their spectacular display of wedding and celebration cakes. If you’re interested, you can even watch the cakes being made, and see the work that goes on in the kitchen. Sound like something you’d love to have as part of your wedding planning journey? 

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The Perfect Cake Company is a home based cake making company located in Leeds. They supply innovative and individual celebration cakes in and around the West Yorkshire area. 

What to expect? Delicious home-baked wedding cakes that look like they were created in a larger professional kitchen. We’re not even kidding. Click on the picture below to see just an essence of what they can create for you. As  you may already know… the best designs are yet to be made. Perhaps it will be yours. 

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Quite Contrary cakes take pride in ensuring that each wedding cake is individually designed in line with your personal requirements. They use only the finest organic ingredients, and pledge to only ever use local free range eggs. 

Most couples already have their wedding all planned out before they enter the studio, but you’d be surprised how many don’t. This is where Quite Contrary Cakes come in. They’ll help you from design to execution, to create an unforgettable wedding cake for you. 

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Welcome to The Little Cake Cottage. This is a well-known and much-loved wedding cake studio that design, create and decorate luxury tailor made cakes for all special occasions. 

Why should you choose them? They’re versatile int their service, and craft a bespoke service for each and every couple. If you’ve got a tight deadline, they’ll deliver. This team aren’t strangers to the occasional last-minute cake request. Hit them up if you like their style. 

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Booootiful Cakes are bloomin’ beautiful… and that’s no lie. Less is more with luxury wedding cakes, and this company deliver just that. Crisp lines, defined designs and subtle flashes of colour make for an exquisite finish. 

Jeanette is the friendly face behind this popular name in the wedding cake industry. She handcrafts each cake from the finest secret ingredients. That WOW factor is an added extra that comes with her artistic touch and keen eye for details. 

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The Patisserie Viennoise have been supplying beautiful couples with beautiful cakes for over 30 years. Bring the French flair for style and exuberance to your wedding day with a cake that is continental and elegant all at the same time. 

All cakes are individually designed, made and personalised for you. It won’t just look amazing, but it will taste amazing too. Go and see the magic being created by clicking on the image below. 

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Creating your dream wedding cake is central to everything that Zarina’s House of Cakes do. They can complete all styles, from traditional to contemporary, to celebratory henna designs. 

All of the cakes supplied by their bakery are made to order. What does this mean? You can set out a design brief and brainstorm your ideas with Zarina. She will make the cake exactly to your specification, and inject a little extra love and romance into the recipe mix too. 

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