Top 10 Best Wedding Cake Designers in Leicester

Have a sneak peek at the top 10 best wedding cake designers in the Leicester area. Join us as we discuss colours, decorations and the all important flavour. Baking is a piece of cake for these professionals, and they are overflowing with experience and knowledge. Scroll down to see. 


The Cake Rooms Leicester 

The Cake Rooms Leicester are ready to celebrate. From simple buttercream designs, delicate flavour palettes and fondant-covered masterpieces… this is the bakery that can deliver to your brief. 

It’s a great idea to get to know your local suppliers, and you can do this by booking in for a tasting consultation. The team at The Cake Rooms will work with you step by step from their Leicester based kitchen. You can be involved in the whole process of creating flavours and finishes. Click on the image below to find out more. 

Find out more about The Cake Rooms Leicester here.


Cottonwood Bakery 

Head on down to Cottonwood Bakery if you believe in the simplicity and excellence of a truly good wedding cake. This team definitely design by the “less is more” mantra, and you will never see superfluous or frivolous decorations or garish colours. 

Click on the link below to check out their cake menu, including exciting flavours like Mexican Spiced Chocolate, Pistachio and Gingerbread. What else can you expect from this cake maker? Inspiration from the outdoors. You’ll often find that fresh flowers, fruit and foliage work their way into each design. 

Find out more about Cottonwood Bakery here.


Cake Diamonds 

Creating a wedding cake needs a careful balance of taste and decoration. You can’t have a majestic cake with all of the embellishments, if cutting into it is a disappointment. Cake Diamonds tick all the boxes when it comes to baking. 

Want to know a secret? Cake Diamonds are specialists in eggless cakes… and you definitely wouldn’t know just by tasting them! Click on the image below to check out their wonderful portfolio. 

Find out more about Cake Diamonds here.


Melody Cakes

When you take a bite of Melody Cakes, it’s almost like a symphony starts. Your taste buds will experience things they never had before… and you’ll know exactly who you want to be making your wedding cake. 

Melody would love to meet you to have a cuppa. This is your chance to tell her all of your creative ideas and inspirations. If you’re pretty lost and overwhelmed however, this is also your chance to get guidance and knowledge from one of Leicester’s best bakers. 

Find out more about Melody Cakes here.


Cakes Miles

The wedding planning period will give you time to really consider and think about what you’re after in your cake. Not only will you have to think about taste and design, you also need to think about size. How many people are attending your wedding? Have you received everyone’s RSVP yet? You don’t want to order a cake that is excessively bigger than required… unless you plan to save half for the honeymoon journey!

Click on the image below to see what’s on offer at Cakes Miles. Once you’ve chosen and ordered your cake, it will be made from scratch and delivered by one of the friendly team. 

Find out more about Cakes Miles here.


Sugar and Dice Cake 

Have your cake and eat it too. Sugar and Dice Cake are a Leicestershire based cake decorating company with two stores located in the heart of the East Midlands. 

They have over 15 years of experience, and an overflowing portfolio of excellent work. What can you expect from this much-loved cake studio? The highest quality of ingredients, and an equally high quality finish. By using the most progressive equipment int he industry, it’s no surprise that their cakes are truly exceptional. 

Find out more about Sugar and Dice Cake here.


RJ Cake Designs 

RJ Cake Designs specialise in producing unique, handcrafted cakes for every occasion. Their next project? Your wedding cake. 

This is an award winning professional cake decorating studio at its finest. The team will always go above and beyond to make sure that you are in love with your final design. Matching the excellent customer service is an equally considerate ingredients list. Do you have any allergies or intolerances? You can choose from eggless sponge cakes and gluten free options too. 

Find out more about RJ Cake Designs here.


The Cake Shop Leicester 

You can’t search for the best wedding cakes in your local area without coming across The Cake Shop Leicester. This is a friendly, family-run business that was established by Farida Umar. 

Why choose The Cake Shop? All of their cake creations are Halal… which is not something that every cake shop can offer. There are eggless options available for couples who require them too. Have a little browse of what they have to offer by clicking on the image below. 

Find out more about The Cake Shop Leicester here.


Dee Cakes 

You can custom create your cake and unleash your inner artist by working alongside designer Dee from Dee Cakes. Going down the bespoke route is exciting and fun. 

Making a Dee-licious cake is easy when you have the help of a seasoned professional. Dee can cater to all budgets and briefs, and will always prioritise your confectionary likes and dislikes. As expected, Dee’s designing diary gets booked up pretty quickly, so it’s worth popping her a message to start on your cake planning journey. 

Find out more about Dee Cakes here.


Handmade by Hannah 

Hannah is on this list for a reason. She truly is the best of the best in the cake making world. Don’t believe us? Click on the link below to see what she has to offer. Spoiler… it’s high quality designs and a finish that you would expect to come out of an award winning bakery. 

All of Hannah’s wedding cakes and wedding cupcakes are available in a range of delicious flavours, with a selection of yummy buttercream and preserves to choose for fillings. The Chocolate Orange Sponge with zesty buttercream is one of our personal favourites. What’s yours? 

Find out more about Handmade by Hannah here.