Top 10 Best Wedding Cake Designers in Manchester

Feeling hungry? Check out the top 10 best wedding cake designers in Manchester to really make your tummy rumble. After all that walking down the aisle, and all that dancing at the reception… you’ll be looking for a sweet treat that will really hit the spot. 

The Frostery

The Frostery are the leading wedding cake supplier of the 21st century. What can they offer you? Creativity and innovation, and above all… great flavours. The team cater to couples looking for a modern and refreshing take on the traditional wedding cake design.

You can expect sugar craft and buttercream delights, with decorations that will really wow your guests. This  is a lovely cake design studio with roots in the North West of England, but they are open to bringing joy to your celebration no matter where in the UK you are. Contact them today to find out more by clicking on the image below. 

Find out more about The Frostery here.

The Airyfairy Cake Co

Based in Leeds the Airyfairy Cake Co are a strong choice, a well established cake company who have catered for hundreds of weddings over the past 6 years. From their trendy and modern fruit cakes, to your traditional designs, The Airyfairy Cake Co have it all. 

Find out more about The Airyfairy Cake Co here.

Fancy Cakes by Rachel

Fancy Cakes by Rachel will really get all of your wedding guests talking. Rachel is well-versed in the art of baking, and she knows her recipes like the back of her hand. 

She’s well-known for her handmade sugar flowers, delicious and innovative wedding cake flavours, and incredibly popular chocolate wedding cake designs.

 Find out more about Fancy Cakes by Rachel here.

Candy's Cupcakes

Delivering throughout Greater Manchester and the surrounding areas, Candy’s Cupcakes create stunning wedding cakes and cupcakes that can be the centrepiece of your dream wedding. 

The team will work with you every step of the way, to ensure that you are happy with the finished outcome. Your consultation is a great time to set out your design brief and specification if you have one. A lot of couples, however, will be feeling a little lost. Is this you? Worry no longer. The team at Candy’s Cupcakes can guide you through the process step by step. 

Find out more about Candy’s Cupcakes here.

Jon's Cakes

Jon’s Cakes are truly one-of-a-kind and unique. They are full of meaning, sentiment, and joy. For that once in a lifetime celebration, you can personalise your luxury wedding cake to suit all of your (hunger) needs. 

This is possibly the one opportunity to buy yourself a tiered cake and pretend that it’s for your wedding guests. Nobody will judge you for taking more than 5 slices… it’s your wedding day after all. See the expert level of craft and design expertise at Jon’s Cakes bakery by clicking on the image below. 

Find out more about Jon’s Cakes here.

Zara Cakes

Zara Cakes offer beautiful customised cakes for all tastes and budgets. If you’re wedding planning is quite strict in terms of finance, then Zara can work alongside you to get your dream cake at a fraction of the cost that you would expect. 

If you want to see some of Zara’s many creations, then you can click on the image below to view the gallery. There are so many possibilities… from colour and decoration, to taste and size. If you’re an indecisive person, it’s probably best to contact Zara for a little helpful guidance along the way. 

Find out more about Zara Cakes here.

Marie Antoinette Cake Company

The Marie Antoinette Cake Company studio is based in Heaton Chapel in Cheshire, and has been a firm favourite supplier for Manchester brides. Lead baker Rachel works closely with each client, and will always try her best to make the process happy and stress-free. 

Rachel tends to take inspiration from a variety of sources. These include fashion, architecture, interior design, art, floristry and nature. She can design the perfect bespoke wedding cake for your special occasion. 

Find out more about Marie Antoinette Cake Company here.

Pink Cocoa

Making a wedding cake is an art in itself. Sarah started baking when she was only a child. She used to stand on the kitchen chair to reach the worktops so that she could bake alongside her mum. This family ethos is still present in Pink Cocoa today. 

Sarah prides herself on listening closely to what you want to achieve for your special day, and she will draw on different inspirations from your life. It’s not just confectionery… it is a delectable work of art. 

Find out more about Pink Cocoa here.

Lisa Marie Cakes

Lisa creates luxury wedding and celebration cakes in the North West of England. She’s a recommended supplier at prestige wedding venues and hotels, and it’s easy to understand why. Her consultations take place by appointment only, and her calendar gets booked up pretty quickly. 

Once you’ve sampled your wedding cake, you’ll keep going back to Lisa for each anniversary. Year after year… there’s no such thing as too much cake. 

Find out more about Lisa Marie Cakes here.

Bloomsbury Wedding Cakes

You have never seen luxury before this. Trust us, we don’t use this term lightly. Bloomsbury Wedding Cakes are delicious, rich and indulgent. They’ll entrance you at first glance, and before you know it, your diet will be a thing of the past. 

What can you expect? A professional, quality and timely service. Not only that, but you will also receive an amazing cake that speaks of perfection and beauty. 

Find out more about Bloomsbury Wedding Cakes here.