Top 10 Best Wedding Florists in Coventry

For the fanciest floral arrangements ever seen, take a look at the top 10 best wedding florists in Coventry. They can turn your big day into a picturesque meadow of blooms. What’s not to love? 

Hubbard’s Florist Coventry have been in the business for over 40 years. After that length of time, it’s to be expected that their knowledge and experience goes above and beyond other local suppliers. 

The team will offer a personal service tailored to your every need… whatever style it may be that you’re looking for. Traditional, contemporary, intimate or extravagant. Get in touch with the design team to start on this exciting floral journey today. 

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At Graham Giles Florist, you can choose between hundreds of signature bouquet styles. If you thought that flowers were boring, you will most likely change you mind once you’ve seen their diverse collection. 

Already decided on your wedding colour scheme? You can get all the colour combinations you could have ever dreamed of here. Not only are they utterly beautiful, they are also extremely affordable too. 

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These are flowers to make the happy couple burst with love and even more happiness. Fairytale Flowers are exactly that… the flowers of your dreams. 

What can they offer you? Anything from hand-tied roses to a stunning shower bouquet. They even have a large range of glassware, birdcages, mirror plates, tea light holders and candelabras for you to utilise in your displays. 


The Arcadia Florist Coventry have been working in the wedding industry for over 20 years. Their fully qualified design team are always on hand to help you navigate the buds and blooms. You don’t need to know everything about floristry, you just have to trust in them to give you the best recommendations.

Wedding flower design doesn’t finish when the flowers are passed on to you. In fact, a good florist will ensure that the flowers stay fresh for as long as possible, and they will advise you on caring for your flowers both before and after the big day.

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If you’re looking for top quality wedding flowers with a professional and attentive service, then Heavenly Scent Florists are the vendor for you. 

You can get the full wedding service here, including furniture hire and specialist flowers for Asian weddings. You can  head on down to their lovely little Coventry shop to talk to the team today. Everyone is welcome!

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The tea at The Tomlinson Flowers Company know that your wedding day can be a stressful and anxious time. They want to lift some of the weight off of your shoulders and provide you with some of the most beautiful flowers you may have ever set your eyes on.

Once you have booked your flowers with this fun and friendly team, you can relax in the knowledge that they will deliver on brief, and on time. You can download their wedding packages and price guide by clicking on the image below. 

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Head on over to the Crescent Florist if you want all of your wedding flower woes to be solved. In your initial consultation, you will be able to express your own creative ideas to the team at this lovely studio. 

Their style? Refined simplicity. Each and every bouquet that they create has an air of romance and bliss. You’ve fallen in love with your partner… but prepare to fall in love with your flowers too. Click on the image below to see the Crescent Florist work portfolio. 

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Daisy’s Flower Boutique is run by the lovely Leanne Williams and Suzanne McCann.They are strong believers that your wedding flowers should be a reflection of who you are as a couple. The careful intersection of both of your personalities can be echoed through the pairing of two unique blooms. 

Head on down to the boutique to have a consultation meeting, and decide on what is the best creative direction for your wedding. It’s your wedding day, and your choice. 

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Your wedding day is such a momentous occasion that will be ingrained in your memory forever more. Memory is such a funny thing. Scents can be a big factor in conjuring them, and it’s surprising how much of a part flowers play in that.

Imagine 50 years in to your happy marriage, you pass a rose bush and are instantly transported back to your wedding. It’s the smell of those beautiful blooms. Buds and Bows recognise the importance of getting wedding flowers right. Contact them today for more information. 

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Bloomingdales Florist was established in 1996, and has been serving happy couples of Coventry ever since. Their style? Beautiful and fresh flowers for any and every occasion. 

The team can handmade you exquisite floral arrangements that will make heads turn and cameras flash. It’s always the smaller, family-run businesses that tend to make the most impact for couples. You can really tell that this family care. From start to finish, they will work tirelessly to meet your specifications. 

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