Top 10 Best Wedding Florists in Leeds

If you want to turn your wedding day into a secret garden of blossoms and blooms, then you need to choose one of the top 10 best wedding florists in Leeds. They will transform any venue into a field of fragrant flowers. From archways, bouquets and flower crowns… these professionals cultivate and grow love in a way that others never could. 

Ivy Florist Leeds create bespoke floral arrangements for happy couples in Leeds, Bradford and beyond. They love a good old fashioned love story, and they’d love for you to tell them yours over a cuppa. 

Designing and choosing your flowers is all about your story. From this initial consultation chat, the Ivy Florist Leeds will have a great idea of who you are.  Whether your wedding is an intimate occasion or a larger wedding extravaganza, then they are there to make sure that your love remains the focal point of the day. 

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For an unrivaled florist experience, head on over to Serendipity Floral Designs. This studio is led by passionate and talented floral artist Sally Johnson, who is always itching to get started on new creative projects. 

It’s important for your flowers to tie in with your wedding theme. Please pass on your style, colour scheme and wedding aesthetic to Sally, and she will do her best to make sure that the flowers seamlessly tie in to your day. 

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Natasha Coustol Floral Designs is an award winning wedding flower specialist who covers the entire Yorkshire area and beyond. She has a passion for pretty flowers, and will always aim to create something that is unique and personal to you. 

This is a florist with an excellent reputation. You’ll be happy to know that Natasha holds free consultations for all couples who show an interest in learning about the process. She can meet you in the comfort of your own home, or at a local cafe if you would prefer. It’s all about whatever makes you feel at ease. 

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Wildflowers UK is run by the lovely Vanessa. She’s a floral artist with a love of all things stylish. Vanessa can inject vibrancy and delight into your wedding day through the medium of flowers. 

The different colours, species, sizes and seasonal blooms give you endless possibilities for displays. Embark on the exciting designing process with Vanessa and you won’t regret it. She was even awarded a Chelsea silver medalist from the Royal Horticultural Society at the Chelsea Flower Show. If you doubted her before… you definitely don’t right now. 

Find out more about Wildflowers UK here.

Situated between Leeds and Wakefield, Lousie works out of her home based studio. This creative space gives her the privacy and quiet needed to create your dream bouquets. 

Her philosophy? Louise only ever takes on one wedding at a time. This is so that she can give you her undivided attention. You can relax in the knowledge that Louise is dedicated to making your day one of the most beautiful ever seen. 

Find out more about Petals By Louise here.

One-to-one sessions with your local florist are vital. Why? So that you can get the specific flowers and designs you want. Your florist can also provide you with expert advice, and inform you of the seasonal flowers available at the same time of year as your wedding. 

There are little nuggets of information that you just wouldn’t know unless you speak to the Leeds House of Flowers team. Click on the image below to read more about their service, and find out how you can find your perfect bridal bouquet. 

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Adrienne Florist always make flowers that are a reflection of you. Are you and your partner both loud and bubbly? Take a look at the larger blooms with vibrant flashes of colour. More reserved and classic? Discover minimalist designs and pastel tones. 

If you’re looking for floral specialists, then Adrienne Florist is the place to be. They can make beautiful church arrangements and bespoke table flowers too. Take a look at their gallery by clicking on the below image. 

Find out more about Adrienne Florist here.

You’ve chosen the perfect venue, the perfect dress, the perfect partner… but you don’t yet have the perfect flowers. Floral Expression have the knowledge and expertise to craft perfection out of all natural elements. 

If you’re getting married in the summer, then the team suggest gorgeous English cottage garden flowers… and this is just one suggestion of many that they can give you. Thought the service couldn’t get any better? You’ll be surprised to find out that Floral Expression is very affordable, and is great for couples shopping to a tight budget. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice on the finish for the finance. 

Find out more about Floral Expression here.

Daisy Chain takes an innovative and modern approach to floral design. Forget tradition, and think outside the box with this revolutionary florist. You can expect the finest quality flowers with exciting, exclusive and unusual designs. 

For eye-catching designs and imaginative placements, this is the supplier for you. Once they receive your brief, you can forget about the fate of your flowers. Trust us… they’re in good hands. 

Find out more about Daisy Chain here.

The Perfumed Garden Florist opened its doors in 1997 and has been a hit with happy couples all over the country. You can find this well-known florist in Chapel Allerton, a lovely friendly village which is home to many other independent stores like theirs. 

Wonderful wedding flowers can be quite hard to come by. The Perfumed Garden are one of the best, and can create all the floral arrangements that you could possibly desire. Take a look at their portfolio of work by clicking on the image below. 

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