Top 10 Best Wedding Florists in Manchester

Check out the top 10 best wedding florists in Manchester for the most whimsical and beautiful arrangements. From arches, to bouquets, to buttonhole blooms… there is a huge amount for you to plan. Why not get in touch with the professionals in your local area? They can tell you their expert advice, and create some of the most memorable and unique wedding flowers that you ever did see. 

The Laurel Weddings studio in Cheshire is full of wedding flower inspiration. From wall to wall, you’ll see masses of exemplar floral arrangements that you could have for your big day. Once you have chosen your design, and preferred flowers, you can leave the rest to the team at Laurel Weddings. 

On the morning of your wedding day, the team will deliver all flowers to where they need to be. This is so that you don’t have to do any running around. This is nothing but a stress-free and easy flower service. Sound enticing? 

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Designer Flowers by Rodger have an exciting history behind their successful brand. They were established all the way back in 1911 in South Manchester… that’s over 100 years of supplying couples with gorgeous flower arrangements for their special day. 

With the wealth of knowledge and expertise in the industry, this family business can source flowers direct from all over the world. What does this mean for you exactly? You wedding flowers will arrive fresher and more vibrant than if going through the usual wholesale supply chain. Other florists do not have this luxury.

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Didsbury Flower Lounge is the go-to place to source extravagant displays that will wow all of your guests. There’s something about flowers that is just so magical. The scent, the sight and the soul are all enticed by these whimsical beauties. 

You may have recently spotted Didsbury’s floral creations on the front cover of OK! Magazine, for Coronation Street’s Tina O’Brien’s wedding to Adam Crofts. Do you want access to a celebrity-approved supplier like this? Click on the image below to find out more.

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Frog Flowers was set up in 2007 when french born artist David and bustling Buxton florist Suzie fell in love. Both have extensive experience with the art and floral industries, and the combination of their skills is a magical mix of innovation and creation.

If you’re looking for a fresh-thinking florist to turn your blank canvas of a venue into a beautiful meadow, then you’ve met your match here. Don’t believe us? Take a look at their stunning portfolio of work by clicking on the image below. 

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If you want a refreshing and elegant take on the traditional bouquet, then head on over to Blossom Flowers. They’re been voted the Best Wedding Florist in the North West in the Wedding Industry Awards, and continue to produce the same standard of flowers on the daily. 

Their flowers? They exceed expectations. You may be amazed at the service and design at your initial chats and consultation, but nothing will prepare you for that feeling when your first set eyes on the finished displays. Utterly beautiful. 

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Obsessed with flowers? Carol can relate. She’s had a passion for blooms since childhood, and it’s an unwavering love that she’s never grown out of. Her style? Carol mainly uses garden and wild flowers to create romantic and dreamy designs. These are unique, and slightly alternative to the traditional and classical styles. 

Carol always talks about the intimacy of being a florist. Instead of ordering her flowers in, she is sowing the seed and watching them grow. She has a deep respect for the flowers she uses, and Carol is all for educating couples about her process. Want to know more? 

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Oops A Daisy will take care of your wedding flowers and make your big day a delight to the eyes. They have a team of expert florists that will make displays and bouquets to your exact requirements. If you need a helping hand, they will also suggest the right flowers to give your day that little extra essence of perfection. 

Book in for your consultation to hear all about the process. It really is quite easy once you get the ball rolling. 

Find out more about Oops A Daisy here.


Known as Manchester’s most exclusive florist, David Wayman’s designs definitely live up to his local reputation. If you’ve walked down the streets of Manchester in recent years, you will have definitely seen some of David’s work along the way. 

David has been selected to work in partnership on some of Manchester’s most prestigious events. Over the last 10 years, he has been the most obvious choice for couples who are looking for an exceptional level of creativity and design ability. Click on the image below to find out more about his amazing service. 

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Spring Bank Flowers create magical floral designs that look as if they were handcrafted by Cupid himself. The team have a  lifelong, all-consuming love affair with flowers themselves. They love every aspect of growth in nature, but will add a little extra pazzazz of their own too. 

Imagine naturally grown flowers combined with visual theatre and imagination. Just think of all of the possibilities! The team would be absolutely delighted to share the joy of variety and diversity of flower arranging with you. 

Find out more about Spring Bank Flowers here.

 SASSFLOWER is a Cheshire and Manchester wedding and event florist that was officially set up in 2015. They entered the wedding scene with fresh concepts, fresh flowers and an even more vibrant appeal to the mass market. What’s that appeal? Foliage. 

Foliage is an underutilised and much loved part of floral arrangements. When used correctly, it can add an other-worldly sense of nature and freedom to your day. Work closely with this team to design something a little less of the shelf, and a little more bespoke for you. Be prepared for interesting colour harmonies and decadent textures. 

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