Top 10 Best Wedding Photographers in Leeds

In order to get the best wedding photo album, you need to choose from this list of the top 10 best wedding photographers in Leeds. It’s no use handing your Iphone to family and friends in the hopes that they might capture some nice pictures of you on portrait mode. Wedding photographers offer a professional service, with amazing editing included. Check out the best in your area below. 

John is a creative Yorkshire wedding photographer who is currently based in Leeds. He offers his services all around the UK, and will even attend destination weddings if you’ve fallen in love with his portfolio. 

Weddings are full of such loving, defining and tender moments that are shared between family and friends. John finds it a privilege to be invited in to document this joy and emotion. He works in an unobtrusive and sensitive manner. 

Find out more about John Hope Photography here.

James and Lianne are a husband and wife wedding photographers in Leeds. They’ve been working together to document love stories since 2010. They have captured nearly 250 weddings, and show no sign of slowing down. 

You can relax knowing that you are in safe, knowledgeable and reliable hands. James and Lianne will seamlessly work their way through the wedding party, and you won’t even realise that they’re there. Take a look at their work by clicking on the image below.

Find out more about James and Lianne here.

Mark is an experienced and friendly photographer who loves to hear your story and then tell it through the medium of imagery. He’s spent 10 years travelling the world, and is well versed in learning and exploring different cultures and traditions. He’s one individual that can seamlessly blend into your big day. 

What to expect? Mark tends to shoot weddings in the photo-journalistic documentary style. If you want someone to capture the raw emotion and tenderness of your big day, then he’s the guy for you. 

Find out more about Mark Hillyer Photography here.

Toast of Leeds is the alternative photography company run by talented Shelly. Shelly tells stories with a camera, and has been working for over 30 years… that’s a whole lot of weddings captured! 

Whether you’re having an intimate ceremony in a barn, or a large and bustling marquee setting, or an iconic hotel extravaganza, Shelly will be there every step of the way to document the whole day for you. 

Find out more about Toast of Leeds here.

Laura loves photographing people… whether it’s your wedding day or not. She’s finds capturing a wedding extremely rewarding, and will help you to cherish every moment of your special day. 

Wedding photography is all about retaining memories. You don’t need to be worrying about capturing these yourself either. Laura encourages you to move the selfies to one side for the day, and really live in the moment. There are no photos that will turn out better than your professional ones. 

Find out more about Laura Calderwood here.

You need to choose a wedding photographer that will inject personality and life into your wedding album. Your photos should not be too stylised. Instead, they should be a reflection of the joy emotion and love that you shared throughout your special day.

To make sure that he doesn’t miss a moment, Chris will be with you bright and early on the day of the wedding. He provides a full day service, and will even stay by  your side documenting your day until it turns into night. Check out his portfolio by clicking on the image below. 

Find out more about Chris Chambers Photography here.

Calling all creative and fun newly engaged couples… Anna Wood will provide you with some of the most lovable and swoon-worthy wedding photos around. You’ve forever person, and now it’s time to create your forever photos.

Your wedding photos are so important, and you need to get them right. They will be the images that hang over the fireplace in your family home. They will be the pictures shared as Facebook memories in five, ten, or even 50 years time. Click on the image below to find out why Anna is the person to capture them for you. 

Find out more about Anna Wood Photography here.

Chris and Verity created Sansom Photography back in 2010. They were fresh out of university, and had equally fresh ideas about how wedding photography should really be done. 

By taking the time to get to know the couples that they work with, Chris and Verity provide a service that is truly personal. They will capture your big day in a way that is authentically you. Nothing overly-stylised or overly-edited. It’s not about the location, the dress or the venue… it’s about you. 

Find out more about Sansom Photography here.

Lynsey loves to take photographs of bohemian, rustic and outdoorsy type weddings. She has a really relaxed and calm presence, which is the perfect thing that you need when your wedding day is already heightened with emotion and nerves. 

What to expect from Lynsey’s photography? Vibrancy and romanticism. She’s also a big fan of the details. If you’ve spent months agonising over colour schemes and flower arrangements and favours, then you want someone like Lynsey to photograph them. 

Find out more about Lynsey Doran Photography here.

Andrew Fisher has had the privilege of photographing weddings professionally since 2006. That means that he has over 13 years of experience under his belt. The benefits? He knows exactly how weddings work. There are specific parts of the day that even the keenest of photographers may miss. Andrew won’t. 

The task of a wedding photographer is to capture your day in a way that will do your memories justice. Andrew will never impose his own creative intentions on your images. They will always be born naturally from the way you interact and share emotions.

Find out more about Andrew Fisher Photography here.