Top 10 best wedding photographers in Leicester

Are you searching for the top 10 best wedding photographers in Leicester? Stop where you are… we’ve already done all the hard work for you. Scroll down to discover the leading professionals in your area, and make a wedding album that you will treasure forever. 


Josie discovered her love for documentary photography in 2007, and her passion for this style has been growing ever since. Her focus? Natural and candid photography that captures raw emotion and real relationships. 

Out with the cringy posed photos, and in with the relaxed smiles and gestures. Josie will capture those little pockets of perfection at your wedding. And the best part? You probably won’t even realise she’s there.

Find out more about Josie Parr Photography here.


Ashok is a Leicester Wedding Photographer who offers a fun and natural service to all couples getting married in the UK and abroad. If you fall in love with his style, like many do, then Ashok is more than happy to travel to your wedding destination.

With photography like this, it’s no surprise that Ashok’s diary gets booked up pretty quickly. Despite this high demand, Ashok tends to only accept a limited number of jobs so that each couple can receive the personalised experience with the utmost attention. He claims to have a black belt in photography… why not check out his portfolio to judge for yourself? 

Find out more about Ashok Suren here.

Ed and Victoria met after a tomato soup fight on one magical evening, and have not looked back since. Since then, they’ve embarked on a journey of artistic discovery together. Ed discovered his photographic style and inspiration, which led to them jointly opening up their studio over 10 years ago. 

This dynamic duo have a light and life of energy that can light up any room. It’s no surprise that the subjects of their images are always beaming from ear to ear. They know how to blend into the background on your big day, but they also know how to make you feel at ease and relaxed in front of the lens. Click on the image below to check out more of their work. 

Find out more about Ed Brown Photography here.


Megan Wilson is the photographer of your dreams. She loves dogs for starters, and loves taking wedding pictures almost as much. Originally from South Africa, Megan is a romantic adventurer. She brings the warmth of her homeland into her work, and delivers natural wedding photography with a side order of fun. 

You need her… she’ll be there. Even if you’re not based in Leicester, Megan can travel to you. Now that’s a weight off your shoulders! 

Find out more about Megan Wilson here.


Craig is yet another uber-cool and uber-talented wedding photographer. His main goal? To capture the joy and happiness of your big day. 

When your wedding day is over, that’s when the work really kicks in for Craig. Editing and processing images takes a large amount of time, and many hours of dedicated work. What can you expect after this time? Some of the most outstanding imagery that you and your family will have ever seen. You better clear a space on the wall for these photos to hang. 

Find out more about Craig Hickey Photography here.

Lee entered the print trade at the age of 16. He has since created artwork for many different applications including magazines, packaging, labels and commercial print. On this design journey, Lee found a new medium to express his creativity… wedding photography. 

His style? Capturing personalities in a frame-by-frame basis. Lee loves to get to know his client on a more personal level. This helps him to navigate the creative direction of his work. If you are a shy and reserved couple, then your photography should compliment this. 

Find out more about Lee Glasgow Photography here.


Oliver Kershaw Photography is a wedding studio based in the heart of Leicester. If you’re planning the perfect wedding, then you need the perfect photographer. Look no further. 

Oliver believes that all wedding pictures should be unique. You won’t see any duplication or lack of creativity in your album. Instead, you will see a spark of creativity, and a composition to fall in love with. Create your everlasting legacy today, by clicking on the image below. 

Find out more about Oliver Kershaw Photography here.


Christopher’s style is like a breath of fresh air… so much so that his reviews really sing his praises. One couple commented that Chris is just like “Mary Popping with a camera”, and another notes that Chris went “beyond a photographer role, helping with the dress, flowers, cravats and more”. 

If you choose to hire Chris as your professional wedding photographer, you definitely won’t regret it. You can browse through his portfolio by clicking on the image below. 

Find out more about Christopher Bunce here.


Melissa is one of the top 10 best wedding photographers in Leicester, but she’ll probably end up being your best friend. She’s the soothing voice you need on your wedding day. Her relaxing and calming presence is definitely one that you’ll want by your side. 

If there’s one thing you should do to make your wedding celebration even better, it’s to send Melissa a message today. There’s no strings attached to an email. Start the conversation, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t contact her sooner...

Find out more about Melissa Maloo Photography here.


Jason’s style is informal and relaxed. A lot of couples tend to worry about their photography… and for all the wrong reasons. You may be camera shy, or just a little awkward thinking about how you will look. Watch all of these anxieties just disappear as Jason works his photography magic. 

If you want to see what he can bring to the table, then click on the image below. This will direct you to his modern and contemporary website, where you can browse his portfolio of happy couples and their happy days. 

Find out more about Jason Tems Photography here.