Top 10 Best Wedding Photographers in Manchester

Choose from the top 10 best wedding photographers in Manchester if you want to capture memories for a lifetime. They’ve got the creativity, vision, and the right equipment for the job. How to pick between them? They all have different styles… just go for the one that aligns with your values as a couple. 

1: Nik Bryant Photography

Nik Bryant is an award-winning photographer shooting weddings of all sizes and styles in Greater Manchester and Lancashire.

Nik’s years of study and experience help you to tell your love story in a way that’s true to you.

Take Nik’s deep technical knowledge of photography and image making. Throw in his genuine love of working with people. Add his experience as a live music and events photographer. You have the perfect wedding photographer.

Nik will work with you in detail and in depth as you plan your ceremony. Creating a rapport helps him to represent your story. Meticulous planning means that on your big day you’re free to enjoy the experience.

Check out his galleries and testimonials (“perfect”, “awesome”, “imaginative”, “beyond our expectations”) for all the recommendation you need to book an appointment now.  

Find out more about Nik Bryant Photography here.

2: David Stubbs Photography

David is and honest and authentic wedding photographer who will take some truly unforgettable images on your wedding day. He has an eye for the specific ingredients that make up an amazing photo. 

How does David describe himself? As a Ninja Photographer. That pretty much sums up his work ethic and style of photography. You won’t even know he’s there, and he’ll capture moments without you even realising his presence. Unobtrusive and respectful in manner, it’s hard not to book a photographer like David for your big day. 

Find out more about David Stubbs Photography here.

3: The Crawleys

The Crawleys are a little bonkers, and will always inject fun and vibrancy into your wedding album. If you’re the fun-loving couple that love creativity and humour, then this is the studio for you. 

Who is behind the brand? It’s a lovely husband and wife team, who are as loving as they are talented. Liam and Bee are multi award winning international wedding photographers, and live nestled away in a cottage within Delamere Forest in Cheshire. They’re had the privilege of capturing 600 weddings in their time. Will you be number 601? 

Find out more about The Crawleys here.

4: Cassandra Lane

Cassandra, otherwise known as Cass, is a wedding photographer based in Sale. Her style? Capturing weddings in a candid and natural way… with a dash of style thrown into the mix. 

It’s interesting to note that Cassandra fell in love with wedding planning and photography during her own wedding journey. Her first ceremony shoot was actually two weeks before she got married herself! Check out her portfolio by clicking on the image below. You can almost feel the joy and passion radiating off the web page. 

Find out more about Cassandra Lane here.

5: Neil Redfern

Are you looking for an award winning Manchester based wedding photographer to take your snaps to the next level? Neil Redfern can do just that… and more. 

He will capture your big day in a creative documentary style. What does this mean? All your images will be extremely natural and full of genuine emotion. There’s no scripted reality here. Neil’s main objective is to remain unnoticed, and take photographs under the radar. This will allow you and your guests to relax and really live in the moment. 

Find out more about Neil Redfern here.

6: Shane Webber

Shane Webber will always take a personal approach. All of his packages are created bespoke, and are tailored to suit your specification and desires as a couple. No two weddings are the same, so Shane is always quick on his toes to capture something really innovative, fresh and creative. 

He specialises in contemporary wedding photography. Interesting compositions combined with genuine emotional moments is a match made in heaven. Want to see what he has to offer? Click on the image below. 

Find out more about Shane Webber here.

7: Autumn Stone Photography

The friendly face behind Autumn Stone Photography is a gentleman named Barry. He’s a Manchester based wedding photographer that offers something a little bit different from your traditional professional. 

He’ll be telling the story of your wedding day. This includes all the fun, laughter and joy shared between you and your loved ones. There’s nothing more important than celebrating love on a day that symbolises unity and growth. Barry does just that. 

Find out more about Autumn Stone Photography here.

8: Mick Cookson Photography

Mick is yet another award winning Manchester Wedding Photographer… but he stands out from the crowd in more ways than one. He’s photographed over 400 weddings at some of the top venues across the North West and the UK. 

His style is inherently natural, sensual and intimate. There’s no awkward of cheesy posing, no being away from your guests for hours on end. Just a modern and refreshing wedding photography that you will cherish for years to come. Check him out...

Find out more about Mick Cookson Photography here.

9: Ryan Afferty

Ryan Afferty loves his job. He’s been taking photographs professionally since 2003, and his passion shows no sign of diminishing as the years go by. It’s so hard not to fall in love with his style when you first see it. 

Ryan tends to forgo the traditional posed albums, and instead brings a sense of reality to his imagery. If you get a chance, take a look at this style as reflected through his portfolio. Click on the image below to see. 

Find out more about Ryan Afferty here.

10: Stephen McGowan

Stephen is a Manchester wedding photographer who also covers weddings in Cheshire, Lancashire, the UK and beyond. At your wedding, you’ll be too busy having the time of your lives to worry about such miniscule things as photographs. 

Put your trust in Stephen, as he will work tirelessly to make sure he is there to capture every single moment. His work is packed with meaning, emotion and love. Take a look by clicking on the image below. 

Find out more about Stephen McGowan here.