You need to visit the top 10 best wedding suit shops in Manchester to look suave and sophisticated on your big day!

Weddings can sometimes feel overly superficial, especially in a social climate where we value appearance and popularity based on likes and comments. However, your wedding day should take place inside a dreamy bubble. The only thing that truly matters is how you feel. Choose a suit that will fill you with confidence that will radiate through your posture and facial expression. Trust us, you need these professionals to make sure you pick the best one for the job. 

1: Edit Suits Co.

Stop. If you thought that custom, tailor-made suits were out of your budget, Edit Suits Co. has arrived in Manchester to prove you wrong.

Edit Suits Co. was born to bring you the perfect fit of made-to-measure tailoring at a price point that is otherwise only known for off-the-peg suits.

Enjoy a personalised shopping experience with your own tailoring consultant who will guide you through a choice of over 8,000 fabrics and countless customisation options. The result will be a unique and well-fitting wedding suit, made just for you.

Click through to book your appointment on King Street, right in the middle of town.

Edit Suits

Find out more about Edit Suits Manchester here.

2: Marc Darcy

Marc Darcy is the epitome of the quintessential English gentleman. The team behind the brand are in-the-know and can educate and advise you on what suit will be best for your wedding day.

After setting up shop nearly 30 years ago, Marc Darcy has gained a reputation in the industry for offering high-quality designer garments. They have a knack for creating the finest pieces, with an undeniable modern twist. Have a look for yourself by clicking on the image below.

Find out more about Marc Darcy here.

3: Swarbricks Suit Hire

You don’t need to splash the cash on a new suit for your wedding day. Many grooms find it easier to hire rather than buy. Swarbrick's Suit Hire has a huge collection of suits, waistcoats, neckwear and accessories for you to choose from. 

Formalwear can be a very overwhelming market to shop in. Swarbrick's makes the whole process easy for you, with an informative website and an even more knowledgeable team. Sound enticing? Take a look at the full collections, and read a little more about hiring your suit by clicking on the below link or image. 

Find out more about Swarbricks Suit Hire here.

4: Slater Menswear Manchester

Slater Menswear is a well-known and much-loved brand for grooms. If you want to look debonair and confident, then this is the studio to visit. You’ll be greeted by a large and diverse selection of suits. 

Make sure that you have a subtle discussion with your partner before you head off shopping. Although it may be unlucky to talk about what styles you want, it will make for a more seamless look in the long run if you know what colours to avoid. You’ll find one garment that will suit your own needs… pun intended! 

Find out more about Slater Menswear Manchester here.

5: Moss Bross Manchester

Located on St Anns Square in Manchester, Moss Bros is a world-renowned chain that supplies fashionable men with formal wear for any occasion. Quality materials, paired with a quality service, are all you need to feel pampered in the run-up to your big day 

You’ll want to be in front of every camera whilst wearing one of these suits. They’re comfortable and form-fitting… not to mention stylish. 

Find out more about Moss Bros Manchester here.

6: Richard Smith Bespoke

Head on over to St. Mary’s Street to discover a bespoke menswear line that will draw the eye on your wedding day. As you may have already guessed, Richard Smith is the designer and owner of the brand. He rose through the ranks of Giorgio Armani and is now creating a mix of contemporary and classic in Manchester City Centre. 

He’s tailored the likes of comedian John Bishop, musician Guy Garvey, as well as a host of television personalities including the Hairy Bikers. This is just a sample of Richard’s loyal customer base. Will you be the next name on the list? 

Find out more about Richard Smith Bespoke here.

7: Burooj

Burooj offers a couture collection of exquisitely designed Asian inspired formal wear for both men and women. These garments are made with a meticulous hand and microscopic attention to detail.

What to expect? Vibrant colour, intricate embellishments, and flattering beading. If you want to discover the lovely collection that is currently on offer to you, take a look at their website by clicking on the image below. First impressions are always the best. 

Find out more about Burooj here.

8: Suit Direct Manchester

If you still haven’t fallen in love with a suit, we have found the perfect place for you to try. Suit Direct Manchester do what they say on the tin. Head on into this shop for a shopping experience that you won’t forget. 

Choose from a wide selection of suits. You may have a specific idea of what you want, but you might also be panicking at the prospect of choosing from hundreds. No need to worry. The staff are always on hand to help you out… it’s what they love doing! 

Find out more about Suit Direct Manchester here.

9: The Bespoke Tailor

Adrian Barrows is the owner and lead tailor of The Bespoke Tailor in Manchester. Having been in the tailoring industry since 1996, Adrian has seen every aspect of tailoring. He knows the ins and outs and is a firm believer that style comes from the quality of garments. 

What to expect? A world-class tailoring service. This is the kind of service that you will remember forever. What a lovely way to start your wedding planning journey. 

Find out more about The Bespoke Tailor here.

10: Whitfield and Ward

Whitfield and Ward is a luxurious wedding suit hire and bespoke tailoring service for prestigious grooms. This is a family run business and a one-stop-shop for all of your suit hire and bespoke tailoring needs. 

You can expect a truly personalised experience from start to finish. Choosing what suit to wear is inherently about you. What do you like and dislike? Your outfit should speak of who you are as an individual. Through fabric, colour, pattern, cut and style. 

Find out more about Whitfield and Ward here.



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