Top 10 Best Wedding Videographers in Leeds

If you want to relive your wedding day, then you should check out the top 10 best wedding videographers in Leeds. They will be on hand throughout the day, and they won’t miss a moment. Discover the leading professionals in your area, and visit their websites to enquire about a quote today. 

Dave has been a keen amateur photographer for several years, and has produced quality content for many friends and family’s weddings. In 2009, he decided to set up Dave Spink Photography & Film, and has never looked back. 

What to expect? Beautiful cinematography and excellent editing. Dave will capture all the moments that you may miss on the day. Those looks shared between your siblings, your little nephews and nieces playing under the tables… it’s all about the little moments. Check out Dave’s portfolio by clicking on the image below. 

Find out more about Dave Spink Photography & Film here.

Camera shy? Grace won’t ask you to be anything other than yourself on your big day. She won’t use big or intimidating cameras. Instead, she’ll blend into the background and you won’t even see her!

Not only this, but Grace’s relaxed presence will put you at ease. You’ll feel so chilled that you won’t even be worrying about what you look like, or whether the photos will show your ‘best side’ or not. 

Find out more about Grace Films here.

Ed and Penny are the creators behind Silver Sixpence Films & Photography. They have a lovely daughter, and reside in a lovely corner of East Yorkshire. 

Their style? Always bespoke. There is always an effortlessness and natural edge to their work. The primary purpose of each wedding film is to tell a unique story. If you choose Silver Sixpence Films then you can feel confident that your own personalities will shine through the footage. 

Find out more about Silver Sixpence Films here.

Your wedding film will be something that you will treasure for years and years to come. You will show your children, and they will show theirs. It will be your legacy. 

It’s so special to relive memories. There are some priceless moments of your big day that can never be repeated… but with For All The Days they can. They will make a wedding film that will allow you to hear your beautiful vows once more and even hear the legendary best man’s speech again! 

Find out more about For All The Days here.

Thomas is the experienced filmmaker, devoted husband and loving father behind the Midgley Wedding Cinematography brand. If you choose Thomas, you are not only choosing quality, but you are making a reliable and professional choice. 

Put your trust in the businessman, who knows the industry inside out. He’s turned his passion into a career, and you can turn your love into an Oscar-worthy film. Click on the image below to start the journey. 

Find out more about Midgley Wedding Cinematography here.

Moss Wedding Films is run by an award-winning wedding film maker, who covers all of the UK, and is even available for destination weddings when required. Unlike some inexperienced videographers in the industry, Moss know that in order to capture the best footage, they need to stick around all day.

That’s why coverage starts from preparations, and will continue until after the dancing has ended. You can look forward to re-watching your day in its fullest and most authentic manner. 

Find out more about Moss Wedding Films here.

The Asian Wedding Photographer and filming company won’t allow treasured moments to go uncaptured. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Anayah Khan specialises in Asian weddings and it’s clear to see why.

The vibrancy, warmth, atmosphere and family love are all conveyed through her work. You can take a look for yourself by clicking on the image below. Who wouldn’t want such a colourful, fun and dynamic wedding film?

Find out more about Asian Wedding Photographer here.

In the words of Lenik Wedding Cinematography: “Each wedding has a ready set story, a film set worth thousands, hair, makeup and costume design… and touching, real, emotional moments”. 

These are all things that require a great videographer. Why? To capture the beauty, hard work, love and devotion… all the emotions that have poured into the wedding planning process. This is a day to never forget, and you’re wedding film will make sure of this. 

Find out more about Lenik Wedding Cinematography here.

Barney is the Yorkshire based wedding videographer behind SP Wedding Films. Over the past 10 years, Barney has captured many incredible weddings, and has grown to truly appreciate each and every frame captured. 

The goal? To produce a candid piece of work that is both emotional and exciting to watch. You’re not actors, or expected to be anything but yourselves, so your wedding film should portray you as just that. 

Find out more about SP Wedding Films here.

Leeds Wedding Video are your lovely local wedding videographers. They believe that love shapes all experiences and adventures in the world. Your wedding? That’s the biggest adventure of all… but it’s just the start of the story.

The team use the latest Sony professional high definition cameras, along with state of the art sound recording equipment. Leeds Wedding Video strive for nothing less than high quality perfection. 

Find out more about Leeds Wedding Video here.