Are you shopping for a female friend, a companion, a relative...?

Jewellery always seems like a wonderful gift idea.

And it absolutely is. But it's also a complicated one. Jewellery can be very personal.

Many women value a single, symbolic item of jewellery as highly as any possession.

So choosing - from an internet full of sites with one idea, selling - can be tough.

Here are 10 Christmas jewellery ideas for her. To give you that spark of inspiration you need.

1: Different, sustainable jewellery

A woman wears a seed necklace in green

Flattened seed wire necklace by Pretty Pink Eco-Jewellery

We know that younger consumers are flocking to brands that offer them something different. First and foremost "different" usually means ethical and sustainable sourcing and production.

The jewellery industry has famously had its issues with precious stones and metals (and is largely working to address them). But there's no compromise here, with natural materials, partnerships with co-operatives, and even sustainable packaging. 

Did we mention that it looks astonishing? 

2: Classics on this year's trend

Silver oval hoop earrings

Handmade oval hoop earrings by Booblinkajewellery

Most people with pierced ears will own at least one pair of hooped earrings.

We follow jewellery trends for a living, and we're pretty confident in telling you that it's an unusual year when some variety of hooped earring isn't being praised as a fashion innovation. 

This is a pair of hoops with the style longevity and the quality to last through all those comings and goings.

Delicate and robust, hand-shaped - and beautifully so - these silver rings will last for decades. 

3: A new angle

Gold vermeil aquamarine stud earrings

We'll come back to sustainability, ethics and originality time and time again in this list. And we don't apologise for that; it reflects what people want. 

And this is a great example.

So much jewellery takes a beautiful, natural material. And then shapes and polishes it so that it looks - very nicely - almost exactly like every other piece of that mineral. 

Sophie of British makers Raw Gemstone Jewellery leaves some of that natural beauty in place. 

Not that you sacrifice any elegance or sophistication to celebrate the earth's bounty. These gold vermeil stud earrings are super wearable for casual and special occasions and match lovely aquamarine stones with carefully crafted precious metal. 

A delicious piece of the jeweller's skill that any woman will love to receive. 

4: Fluid beauty for any budget 

Blue topaz and pearl hinged bracelet

Blue topaz & pearl ebb and flow hinged bracelet by Banyan Jewellery

It's easy to retreat to classics if you're a little unsure of your jewellery aesthetics. There's nothing wrong with that - and we've got lots of advice on classics in this list - but don't be too constrained. 

Buy for an individual, not for a type. That's where crafted, artisan jewellery really comes into its own. It's made by individuals, almost always with a passionate vision of their own, so it works for individuals. 

This bracelet is beautifully feminine and fluid. It's got extremely high-quality materials, including 14kt gold, sterling silver, pearl and topaz. And yet, you'll find the price - if you click through - is as attractive as the bangle. 

Shop around a little and you find interesting, different jewellery that everyone can afford. 

5: Pushing the boat out. Safely

18kt White Gold Star Diamond Bracelet

18kt white gold star diamond bracelet by DRAJÉE London

We said we love classic jewellery design and here's why.

This is not a bargain piece of jewellery, though it is certainly extremely good value because of the quality of materials and work. 

Diamonds and gold. You can't really beat that combination can you? 

As is usually the case with the best quality pieces, this adjustable bracelet from DRAJÉE London looks wonderful at first sight. And even better on close examination. 

Perfectly forged chain links, a star crowned with beautifully cut stones....

This is design follows the rules in some ways, but is elevated by attention to detail and carefully chosen materials.

If you are going to spend more on jewellery make sure it's worth it. As this piece undoubtedly is. It will be treasured through generations. 

6: Colours, colours, colours

Venetian Millefiori Necklace - Round Coins

Venetian millefiori necklace Round Coins by Ark Jewellery by Kristina Smith

Here is another piece that perfectly fits a current trend yet transcends it to become a life-time piece. 

Much fashion ink has been spilled this year talking about so-called "Dopamine dressing". Like so much that appears to be "new" in fashion it is really a different take on an old idea. 

The gloss this time around is that bright colours - and pleasing shapes and textures - are likely to help elevate mood. 

That's good to know. We suspect that the Venetian pioneers on the Island of Murano knew their work had this effect even if they didn't have the words to reference the right brain chemistry. 

In the hands of Kristina Smith those dazzling little beads become a compelling piece of jewellery. Perfectly sized, proportioned and shaped to the ultimate aim of all good design - to make the wearer look and feel fantastic.  

No two necklaces with these beads will ever be quite alike so the gift you give can be truly said to be unique. 

7: Perfection always works

18kt white gold diamond and pearl earrings

In the age of 3-D printing, AI, and the always-on internet it's easy to forget what a great human skill design is. 

After all, the rules that those machines follow so carefully were discovered (in some cases invented) by humans to create work that appeals exclusively to... humans. (Maybe the aliens will love them too.)

Look at these earrings by Petros Tezapsidis. He is a 4th generation jewellery designer. Like many Greek artists he has taken inspiration from the history of his country - the very birthplace of the mathematics and geometry that the designing machines run off.

He certainly uses modern tools to realise his vision. And his vision has a very contemporary edge. But it is also timeless. Because we're still the same humans we were when the rules of design were cast. 

Feel the connection between his eye and yours as you look at this exceptional, classical version of beauty and perfection. So simple - circles and lines - and devastatingly effective. 

8: Popular for a reason 

Long drop stud earrings

Long drop stud earrings by Lucy Quartermain

Everything on JewelStreet has an exclusivity to it. We select handmade work for you. Nothing drops off a machine-run production line. It's special and individual. 

Within those confines, popularity remains a great guide to good work. 

We trust our customers. 

And they love Lucy Quartermaine's work.

And they're not alone. The specialist press, the style press, industry bodies... you get the picture. 

Earrings are always our first choice as a gift suggestion. And this pair do everything a pair of earrings can do. Imagine how empowering and life-enhancing wearing an elegant shaft of silver like this is. 

So beautifully well realised that it feels like a natural form. That's a true testament to incredible design skill. 

9: Handmade skills shine

Ice Blue & Black Shard Porcelain Earrings

Different materials, different approaches to art (and life), different looks - they all add something extra to a piece of jewellery. 

Erika Albrecht's work has all that. But it doesn't throw away the rules. Her work is supremely skilful. Using age-old making techniques to surprise and delight. 

Years of training, and then of honing her skills, mean that you get unique works of art that will always attract interest and attention.

And they're made to last and last - both delicate and strong. 

This is jewellery that is created with a skill, delicacy and passion that show so clearly in the finished piece.  

10: made just for her

Seahorse ring

Sterling silver adjustable white & black seahorse ring by Bellus Domina

Having who we are recognised, respected and reflected by someone we love is an amazing experience. Many of us look for and find an affinity with the natural world. And with one particular creature. 

So, this piece isn't for everyone; this is for a "seahorse person".

You'll find many more wonderful, essential animal pieces on JewelStreet, and in the Bellus Domina collection - starfish, frog, bee.... 

If you're with a seahorse person you'll probably know it. And you'll know how special they will find this expression of that creature's fragile beauty is. Because it will reflect and recognise their self and show that you have seen it. 

We hope you find something useful in this guide to Christmas jewellery ideas for women. We loved looking through the amazing independent design at JewelStreet to find these pieces. To find your special items, click through and explore the site. There are more than 700 independent designers waiting to wow you. 

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