Picture this: you, the love of your life, a sparkling ring, and the gentle hum of Christmas music from afar. What could be better than a Winter engagement, especially when you have the added excitement of Christmas? We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 Christmas proposal ideas that are guaranteed to seal the deal this festive season.

Sure, you’ve probably heard the same Christmas proposal ideas repeated all over the internet. They will read along the lines of “put your ring in a Christmas cracker, and see your loved one’s face light up when they win the ultimate prize ”. Trust us, the reality of this scenario is far from the idealised image in your head. We’ve heard horror stories of rings flying across the room when the crackers are pulled. Even worse, what if your loved one doesn’t win the cracker prize to begin with?

We’ve tried our best to come up with the most unique Christmas proposal ideas ever. Are you searching for something a little different to the norm? Then read on...

If you decide to try out any of our ideas, then be sure to submit your proposal story here and you will be in with a chance of winning an amazing £100 prize. We would love to hear how it went!

1. Create your own Santa’s grotto and surprise her as Father Christmas.

Nothing says I love you quite like the identity fraud of a fictional legend. Order yourself a fake beard and padded stomach, pop on your red overalls, and head on down to your local Santa's Grotto. Call ahead and make sure that the company agree to have you switch out with the real Santa when your bride-to-be appears. Get her friends in on the proposal plan too so that they can make sure she arrives at the perfect time. When she enters, you can ask her what she wants for Christmas and then bring out the ring. Santa really does deliver the best gifts.

Unsure on what engagement ring to get? A quirky proposal requires a quirky ring and we have just the one for you. The Norse Princess Ring in White Gold is inspired by natural elements. The scattering of diamonds resembles snowdrops on a cold winter's day.

Norse Princess Ring  Norse Princess Ring

Hazel NY |  Norse Princess Ring White Gold | £5,000.00

2. Have a cheaper copy of the real ring, and destroy it in an epic proposal prank.

Other than your loved one declining your offer, the worst thing to happen during a proposal is accidentally destroying the ring. Consider popping the question in a beautiful and sentimental way, but make sure that you propose with a fake ring. Before you place it on her finger, pretend to trip and drop it in a fireplace, in a pond or off the side of a building. Watch your loved one’s reaction and make sure to film the prank! You can then surprise her with the real ring, which you had in your back pocket the whole time.

The Yellow Gold & Diamond Forever Yours Ring is the perfect Christmas proposal ring. What really matters is that your partner says yes, and this rare cute diamond is one that will definitely get the desired results. Just make sure you keep this one safe during any proposal pranks!

Yellow Gold & Diamond Forever Yours Ring

Goldspindel |  Yellow Gold & Diamond Forever Yours Ring | £4,855.00

3. Make a DIY advent calendar proposal.

Your engagement can sometimes feel like a fleeting moment that passes too quickly. Why not drag the moment out with an advent calendar style proposal? Make your own DIY advent calendar, with pictures of you and your partner behind each door. You can include cards with memories written on them, the cinema ticket from your first date, or even chocolate. Gradually work your way up to Christmas Eve, where the ring will sit behind the advent door.

This romantic proposal idea would be best accompanied by an enchanting and fairy tale ring. The Seafire ring by Bergsoe is forged in 22kt yellow gold into a unique and contemporary design that features two sparkling diamonds. It is inspired by the liquid sparkle of a mermaid as she gently moves her head.

Gold & Two Diamond Seafire Ring

 Bergsoe |  Gold & Two-Diamond Seafire Ring | £716.00

4. Fake a snow storm and stage a dramatic ‘snowed in’ scenario.

This proposal idea is not for the faint hearted, as it requires a lot of planning. You can fake a TV news bulletin about an oncoming storm; you can blast fake snow outside by the windows; you can temporarily turn off the electricity; and you can build up the story of an approaching snow storm by subtly mentioning it in conversation weeks beforehand. Convince your partner to wait the storm out indoors, and then spend a few precious hours together with lit candles. Pick the perfect moment to reveal the ring - she will not see this one coming!

The Yellow Gold Diamond Bindweed ring by Goldspindel would make for a memorable engagement. This is a ring that will be noticed, and will spark conversation of how you got engaged. Good thing you have an amazing story to tell...

Yellow Gold Diamond Bindweed With Tsavorite Ring    

Goldspindel  | Yellow Gold Diamond Bindweed With Tsavorite Ring | £3,537.00

5. Say it with snow.

Wake up early and write the words “Marry Me” on the fresh snowfall of your front lawn. If you are a jokester, write “you’re weird” on the back lawn too, and see which one she discovers first. Hilarious.

Any Christmas themed proposal involving snow should include crystals. That's why the Crystal Flowers Forever Ring by Bijoux Individuels would be the perfect engagement ring for the occasion. This is an exclusive piece that is truly mesmerising. 

Crystal Flowers Forever Ring   Crystal Flowers Forever Ring   

  Bijoux Individuels |  Crystal Flowers Forever Ring | £422.00

6. A choir flash mob, with you centre stage.

Get a choir involved and surprise your loved one when they are out shopping for Christmas. Arrange for a group of carolers to be singing in the street that they will be walking down. Once she stops to watch, you can appear out of the middle of the group to sing a solo. Re-write a well-known Christmas song like the 12 days of Christmas, and in the last verse you can change “5 Gold Rings” to “1 Gold Ring” as you get down on one knee.

The Moroc Croc Band by Hazel NY reflects the warmth and celebration of Christmastime. It is an engagement ring that can be worn all year round, but resonates particularly well within the spirits of Christmas. 

Moroc Croc Band   Moroc Croc Band   

Hazel NY |  Moroc Croc Band | £1,300.00

7. At the pantomime.

Get in touch with your local pantomime and see if you can arrange a secret on-stage proposal at the end of the show. An actor could invite your partner onto the stage, and you could stand in the background. The actor could say out loud “I propose that we find my friend (that’s you), but I don’t know where he is”. Shouts of ‘He’s behind you” will be heard, and your partner will soon turn around to see you with the ring in your hand.

A pantomime is a regal event. Consider choosing a ring that will capture the essence of this performance proposal. The Treasure of the Abyss Rings by Julie Nicaisse Jewellery do just that.

Treasure Of The Abyss Ring   Fairtrade Treasure Of The Abyss Ring

  Julie Nicaisse Jewellery |  Treasure of the Abyss Ring, Fairtrade Treasure of the Abyss Ring | £350.00 and £2,750

8. Spice up your next game of Christmas monopoly.

Instead of ending in a disagreement or fight like it does usually, there will be nothing but smiles around the table when this game of monopoly ends. Make sure you are the banker for this game. When your partner passes Go, instead of giving her 200, you can give her the ring. This Marcello Riccio wedding band is a much better reward than the fake money! You'll be walking away with a fiance, and as the winner of monopoly circa 2018. What could be better?

Rose Gold & Diamond Solitaire Ring

 Marcello Riccio |  Rose Gold & Diamond Solitaire Ring | £2,650.00

9. Make sure your partner is visited by three ghosts the night before Christmas.

This proposal idea is meant for the bride-to-be with a sense of humour. You will need get three of your close friends in on the plan. The first will visit as the Ghost of Christmas Past, and will take your partner on a journey of your past together, including how you first met, and where you went on your first date. The second will visit as the Ghost of Christmas Present, and will come with photos and videos of the happy life that you have built together. The final friend will appear as the Ghost of Christmases yet to Come, and will show the idyllic future of you both when you are married. You then appear with the ring and pop the question. She can’t refuse!

The Yellow Gold Noblesse Oblige Ring is a luxuriously haunting piece that captures a vision of the future that you could have together. It is one of comfort, love and passion. 

Yellow Gold Noblesse Oblige Ring

Goldspindel Yellow Gold Noblesse Oblige Ring | £3,694.00

10. Make a human sized snow globe and pose inside of it, on one knee.

This is another DIY idea that may take some preparation. Get a snow machine involved to create a picturesque backdrop. Your partner will have to join you inside in order to answer your question. Arrange to have your snow globe proposal photographed, and this can become the ultimate Christmas card photo. The Pear Yellow Beryl Ring by Oh My Christine Jewelry is a great engagement ring for this proposal. Light beautifully refracts when it passes through this precious gemstone.

Pear Yellow Beryl Ring

 Oh My Christine Jewelry Pear Yellow Beryl Ring | £647.00