You know the feeling? Christmas is coming towards you faster than a speeding Coca Cola truck. 

So you need to make some decisions. And the internet has several billion answers to every question you ask. 

Allow us to do some pre-selecting for you. 

First of all, jewellery is a wonderful Christmas gift. It is lasting, meaningful and personal. It's appropriate for almost everyone you can think of. 

Calla lily earrings

And, now you need to make some more choices. 

But we can help, with our top 10 jewellery gifts for Christmas. 

These are ideas. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for here, run with the general concept. There are plenty more inspiring options to explore in our full Christmas gift guides.

10: Handmade relicario heart pendant necklace

Cabinet Óseo is an Argentinian jeweller, and as soon as we posted their work on JewelStreet it started to sell. 

Our customers love their clever approach to design. 

Here, the Oseo team of sculptor Celina Saubidet and designer Marina Molinelli Wells show the human heart as it is.

Love is a complicated, mature thing, and so is this evocative, thought-provoking work of art that's a perfect gift for a partner, spouse or lover. 

Handmade relicario heart pendant necklace by Cabinet Osea

9: 24kt golden dots Ming porcelain hanger earrings  

More and more people are looking for different approaches to design. That includes a really exciting explosion of jewellers using alternative materials.

It doesn't really matter what these wonderful earrings are made of though. One look, and you can see this is beautiful jewellery.  

Youngsters are really going for these styles, and they open up exciting colour pallets and non-standard shapes. Maker Henriette, of LËTTE Ceramics in Switzerland, has a big range of vibrant colours for you to explore.

These earrings are super-elegant and could as easily be worn to a dinner date as in the office. 

24kt golden dots Ming porcelain hanger earrings


8: Rainbow baguette earrings

You want colour? This is colour! 

ARVINO, a responsible maker from India, style these as summer pieces, but you don't need the sunshine to shine like this rainbow. 

These are fun and hit the "dopamine dressing" trend that celebrates the mood-enhancing potential of bright colours and fun aesthetics. 

Click through and you'll find a very inviting price too. 

Rainbow baguette earrings


7: 9kt yellow gold personalised lucky necklace

A quick and easy way to make a gift special is to personalise it. It's such a fantastic option for jewellery and instantly turns a nice piece into a lifelong keepsake. 

Hilary&June is the brand of Hilary June Burton. She's made a specialism of personalised jewellery and all her pieces are beautifully proportioned and made to carry their special message. 

These dainty charms are lovely pieces of jewellery in their own right. Add the words or dates or numbers that mean the most to your recipient and they become a magical moment.

Hilary&June personalised lucky necklaces


6: Starflower polymer clay & raw brass earrings

This is another piece that our customers recognised as special as soon as they appeared on JewelStreet. 

Rhombus Earrings are made in Los Angeles. And they're as bright and uplifting as a California sunrise. 

The original materials - polymer clay and brass - work beautifully with these sharp, bold lines and shapes.

They're easy and light to wear and have classic styling that is anything but here-today-and-gone-tomorrow. 

A wonderful Christmas buy for young women. 

Starflower polymer clay and raw brass earrings by Rhombus earrings


5: Bee bangle gold

Bees are very current. Anyone in jewellery will tell you how fashionable they are.

They're a very powerful symbol of a natural world that's under threat. And have a number of other powerful symbolisms - cooperation, team work, industry (that's why Napoleon is said to have loved them). And they look good too. 

Scottish designer Gillian Crawford, the power behind popular brand Lily Blanche, uses them here as a charm on these honey gold bangles. 

These light, elegant bracelets stack beautifully, and - like the bee's honeycomb handiwork - repay close attention. Their visibly handmade shape gives a sophisticated and contemporary feel to a very simple piece of jewellery.

Bee bangle by Lily Blanche 


4: Sylvia lab grown diamond pendant necklace

Most experts would need an eyeglass to differentiate a lab-grown diamond from a so-called natural one. 

They look the part. In fact, because they're designed by a human mind they can be perfect in a way that's extremely rare in traditional diamonds. 

And they're made in safe conditions - there's no such thing as a "conflict lab diamond". 

UK jewellers Created Brilliance are behind this beautifully symmetrical and balanced design. All attention is drawn to the stone, set in precious gold, and to its wearer.

It's a piece that will be treasured for life by its new owner. 

Sylvia lab grown diamond pendant necklace


3: Silver & gilt revolve cufflinks

Let's not leave out the guys! 

Men's jewellery continues to come on in leaps and bounds. Bracelets and bangles, earrings and studs, rings, and necklaces are all great gifts for men.

But the one piece of jewellery to rule them all is the cufflink. Everyone and anyone can wear cufflinks (though they do need the right shirt, and gifting a French cuffed shirt with these would be the chef's kiss of Christmas gifts).

And anyone would be proud to wear these amazingly engineered links by Alice Gow Designs from Birmingham's legendary Jewellery Quarter. 

You can customise these to suit your recipient, and the moving parts are bound to appeal to most men. They can wear them for special occasions and they'll soon want to wear them every day. 

Silver and gilt revolve cufflinks by Alice Gow Designs


2: Sterling silver circles & love knots bracelet

Delicate and substantial; simple and complex... great design often plays with contradictions, and delivers multifaceted experience as a result. 

Which brings us to the delicate, substantial, simple, complex work of Kimberly Arpaia.

Like most of Kimberly's work this is a 1-off. 

You can only admire the dexterity and skill that's evident in the handmade links here. Contrasts are delivered with smoothly polished and textured finishes and the juxtaposition of classic design iconography. 

Yes, it looks fantastic. And yes, it will feel fantastic to wear. Not just on the skin, but more deeply - this is a precious work of art that will be yours and yours alone; imagine how that feels. 

Sterling silver circles and love knots bracelet


1: 14k gold filled calla lily earrings with Swarovski pearl in baby pink

Really, how can you rank gifts? These are ideas. But it's certainly the case that it's very hard to think of a better Christmas gift than these deliciously detailed homages to nature's most beautiful creations. 

FiorSó is the contemporary Irish jewellery brand of Sara Ross (the name translates as something like "true luxury").

Handmade in County Kerry, Sara's work was bound to be shaped by nature. The calla lily that inspires these earrings has the Art Deco heritage that is another guiding light of her work. 

A beautifully judged assembly of materials - a glowing Swarovski pearl in the centre piece - made to pay homage to the perfect curves of the natural world, these earrings are beautiful, inspiring, and super-wearable. 

14k gold filled calla lily earrings 


We hope you found some interest and inspiration in this selection. You can read our gift guides in full here.

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