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Channel4's UNTOLD documentary has shown how terrible working conditions help keep fast fashion cheap.

The truth is we're all paying.

In waste. Pollution. Exploited workers.

And from our own purses as we replace poorly made items or end up with closets full of guilt-inducing impulse buys. 

Time to slow down.

Buy direct from designers at JewelStreet.

You get high-quality, small-batch, ethical production.

You wear genuine, distinctive works of art. 

That will be never be out of season. 

And are made to last.

Just what you've been searching for.
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Niala hand-embroidered mini skirt
Sky blue Ralph Lauren shirt dress
by 1 PEACE
Cashmere mix sweater
by At Last...
Clover recycled plastic fleece
by Teddy Edward
Ivory hand-knitted mohair sweater
by S385_
Grey pollon quilted jacket
by Oneiric the Label 
Mushroom forest unisex hoodie
by Moody Cube 
Handwoven organic noemie dress
by Rose Corps
Bibi dotted blouse
by Helene Galwas GmbH
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Enjoy long-lasting looks at JewelStreet today. 

Whether you want to wrap up for a walk, cuddle up for a night in, or glam up for a night out. 

Shopping with indie designers gives you choices you won't find anywhere else. 

As Jill Hales found out:

"Bought this item as a requested present for my daughter, it was very well accepted, she loves it. The company were very helpful and obliging to deal with."
  • Most items come with a 28-day returns guarantee 
  • We use secure shippers 
  • And real people on [email protected] handle your orders 

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