Planning your London wedding means finding the best London wedding photographer. 

Here are 10 wonderful, trusted photographers who'll help you enjoy and remember your most memorable day. 


Blanca Anais Photography



Blanca Anais wedding photography

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Blanca Anais's images are romantic, warm and relaxed. The moody, honey hues of her work conjure an air of nostalgia.

Blanca's shooting style is relaxed and will tell the story of your day in captured candid moments. You can expect her to blend in and record all the special details, all the tears, and the couple's connection.

Whether you are camera shy or love the lens, she will make sure you are comfortable and, most of all, that you enjoy your day!

Jason Williams Photography

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Jason has been shooting weddings for well over 15 years. His natural, highly observational and often quite romantic approach delivers a reportage style account of your wedding day. 

Jason shoots in a fast, discreet, unobtrusive way that seeks out the perfect image - his favourite compliment is when couples say that they didn't even know he was there.

Jason brings all the technique, practice and approach of a true street and documentary photographer to every wedding he shoots.

Grace Pham Photography

Grace Pham Photography

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Grace Pham is a documentary wedding photographer based in London. Grace captures love stories and travels the UK and beyond for wedding shoots.

Grace tells your love story and documents your wedding day as it happens.

Her images show all the emotion and fun; her shooting style never gets in the way. You'll get a memory of how your wedding felt, not just how it looked. 

MBH Wedding Photography

MBH Wedding Photography

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Matthew Hall is a professional wedding photographer from London. Matthew considers himself lucky to have been asked to photograph so many weddings - each one different, and each one special. His mission is to provide a set of high-quality photos that capture the unique spirit of your special day. 

Matthew's focus is on reflecting the emotion of you and your guests. This won't feel like a photoshoot. Matthew is an unobtrusive shooter, looking for fleeting moments of true emotion. 

Janis Ratnieks Photography


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Janis Ratnieks creates unique, timeless, and cinematic wedding photography in London, the UK and beyond.

Janis's work is centred on the idea that love is a story worth telling. His artistic photographs will tell your story for years to come. 

Janis tells a story through a rare combination of documentary, fine art, and contemporary reportage style. His biggest reward is seeing happy people reliving their wedding day through his photography. 

Doville Gail Photography

Doville Gray Photography

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Doville Gail's photography is the product of a life-long passion for freezing priceless moments.

Her wedding photography style is classic, candid and emotional. Weddings are a pleasure for Doville, who relishes experiencing an occasion with so much love. 

Wedding photography is Doville's true passion. As a photographer, she puts her heart and soul into supporting the couple she is working with, who will remember her for her excellent customer service and work ethic as well as her wonderful images.

Tansley Photography

Tansley Photography

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Carol and Paul are Tansley Photography. They capture weddings unobtrusively with silent, natural shooting and very little direction. This creates a record of the natural moments, the real laughs and smiles of a wonderful personal occasion.  

Both Carol and Paul have extensive experience: Carol is former art director of one of the UK's biggest wedding magazines; Paul is a former fashion photographer. They've been working on weddings for 10+ years. 

You'll receive a couple who work seamlessly together to create stunning imagery that reflects your uniqueness and your unique day. 

Big Day Weddings

Big day Weddings

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David and Joanna of Big Day Weddings are a family business with a passion for weddings, which they have been photographing for 10+ years. 

Success is capturing the drama, emotion, and timeless moments of your biggest day. 

Their shooting style is relaxed and aimed at finding the natural moments that make your wedding unique and different. You will get the style and tone of photography you love, delivered to exceed your expectations. With David's experience in advertising, and Joanna's in fine art you can be sure you'll benefit from a superb visual sense. 

Paola De Paola Photography

Paola De Paola Photography

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Paola from Paola De Paola Photography is a wedding photographer based in Wimbledon, London, England. 

Paola genuinely values diversity, and is proud to support the LGBTQ+ community. Her style is warm, energetic and intimate. Her aim is to capture the energy and magic of your day. She is a gentle, spontaneous and intuitive photographer who seeks a genuine emotional connection. Paola shoots in documentary style, finding personal moments that are built on her care for the people she shoots.  

Her visual style focuses attention where it most matters. 

Andy Sidders Photography

Andy Sidders Photography

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Andy Sidders has photographed nearly 150 weddings in 10 years.

He uses a natural, documentary style that aims to capture the happiness, fun and tears of your big day. 

Andy works with couples to create beautiful wedding photographs without turning their celebration into a photoshoot. You will enjoy your day spending time with family and friends and receive a documentary record of natural moments and beautiful and relaxed portraits.