Every proposal is special; whether it’s big or small, in front of a crowd or intimate, planned or spontaneous. We’ve picked ten of the most memorable marriage proposal videos you can find on YouTube.

10. The 365 Day Proposal


A birthday dinner in Aruba turned into a surprise beach proposal for this couple. A year in the planning, Dean wanted to make his proposal to Jennifer completely perfect and got her family to lead her down to the beach at sunset where she was greeted with a video. Knowing her love of countdowns, Dean has filmed snippets of him proposing to her every day for one year and made it into one of the sweetest proposal video’s we’ve seen.


9. Cycling Studio Flash Mob


It may look like your average spin class, but something huge happens halfway through this workout. Adam planed an epic flash mob proposal for Jared, one that he is not going to be able to forget in a while! A bemused Jared looked on as the whole class performed a choreographed routine and family members walked in holding heart-warming signs, before Adam got down on one knee at the front of the class. Proposals don’t get much sweeter than this.  

8. Second Time Lucky

What happens if you propose to your girlfriend but she turns you down because it’s not romantic enough? You throw her a flash mob proposal that she simply can’t refuse. As this Italian couple sat down at a bench in the street, little did she know that the strangers around her were going to start singing All You Need Is Love in unison. We’ll give you one guess at what her answer was…

7. Double Coldplay Proposal


This is a Coldplay fan’s dream proposal. Two couples were invited up on stage in Brazil by Chris Martin himself, and both guys got down on one knee to declare their love and propose in front of thousands for screaming Coldplay fans. Who doesn’t want to end their proposal with a group hug from Chris Martin?! 

6. Umbrellas in Tokyo


The sweetest proposals aren’t always the loudest and flashiest ones. As this couple sat having dinner in Tokyo, looking out of the window onto the passers-by below them, little she did expect what she was about to see. A group of people holding umbrellas assembled on a busy street and opened them to reveal light up letters spelling out the words ‘Marry me?’. This made our hearts melt. 

5. The Aussie Cinema Trip


This Aussie wanted to do a different and unexpected proposal for his girlfriend. So, he roped in a bunch of their friends and family to help him make a music video, which he then screened on what his girlfriend thought was a seemingly normal trip to the cinema. As she watched the video friends and family flooded into the cinema to watch on as the events unfolded. 

4. Scuba Diving Wedding Proposal


A vacation to Thailand got made even sweeter by this incredible underwater proposal. After not seeing each other for 5 months, this long-distance couple were scuba diving in Phuket when he pulled out set a of cards which ended with one very important question and a big thumbs up response. 

3. Serenade on Oxford Street


A spot of lunch on Oxford Street turned into a serenading proposal for this couple. Accompanied by a mob of singers this brave guy stood up on stage and sung John Legend’s All Of Me to his girlfriend. A crowd soon gathered to watch him finish the song and get down on one knee to pop the question. 

2. Icelandic Beauty


An epic adventure to Iceland was the perfect proposal destination for this couple. As they posed to get the perfect self-timer shot in front of a waterfall, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry her in one of the world’s most picturesque settings.


1. The most dramatic wedding proposal ever?


Our number one proposal comes courtesy of Mobbed, an American hidden camera reality tv show based on surprising people with big dramatic flash mobs. After ‘another woman’ walked up to the couple’s dinner throwing water over her him and causing a drama, the understandably upset girlfriend was shell shocked when one of the biggest and craziest flash mobs started up. This turns out to be one of the craziest proposals and on the spot weddings of all time!