In July you want to wear jewellery that's bold, sunny and chic. Summer is in full swing. The weather may not be bright but your style can be. Designers around the world have been showcasing their latest collections at fashion week (click here to see the latest trends). Jewellery this summer is bolder, brighter and full of glittering gemstones. Jewellery designers are steering away from conventional gems, with alternative stones such as pearls, lapis lazulil and labradorites making a comeback. I’ve collated the top 10 jewellery picks that will have you radiating elegance this month. People will be asking where you got your unique accessories from, desperate for a slice of your sophisticated style.

Scroll down and swoon over these gorgeous jewellery picks. You don’t need to spend a lot to take your summer look to high-fashion heights. So happy shopping!

Turquoise earrings

Turquoise earrings, Coco & Kinney, £78

Coco & Kinney’s gorgeous Willa Earrings will make the perfect addition to your July wardrobe. The coolest aspect about these earrings? They’re interchangeable! For a dramatic and statement look wear in their full glory with the halo of turquoise gemstones. For a subtle look that’s understated yet glamorous, wear the single drop gemstones. These earrings can take your look from day to night, perfect for the woman who’s always on the move. Invest in earrings that don’t just suit your style, but also suit your lifestyle.


Chain choker, Emily Grace Jewellery, £400

London-based brand, Emily Grace Jewellery craft striking jewellery that emanates strength and power. Their gold chain choker adapts to each wearer. Style tightly for an edgy look that radiates high fashion finesse, or loosely for a casual daytime look. The wisteria-coloured resin adds a playful pop of colour, channelling elegance that is perfect for summer. Imagine how striking this necklace will look in the hot July sunlight, completing your summer outfits with some next-level style. 

Labradorite Ring

Labradorite ring, Wonder Fine Jewellery, £275

My next pick for July comes from Poland-based brand Wonder Fine Jewellery. As their name suggests, Wonder Fine Jewellery create elegant pieces that inspires the spirit of adventure and awe - an ethos captured in this beautiful ring. The labradorite gemstone radiates a kaleidoscope of pastel colours, from deep blues to warm peach tones. Designer and founder of the brand, Ola Bartnicka aims to imbue each wearer’s look with a touch of understated luxury through her jewellery. So invest in this gorgeous ring and feel like the height of sophistication this month.

Pearl earrings

Pearl earrings, JEAN JOAILLERIE, £187

Our leading designer, JEAN JOAILLERIE has crafted jewellery for members of the world’s elite. Oprah Winfrey is among many of the high-profile clients spotted wearing her jewellery and you too could get her luxury pieces! These chic pearl earrings feature a one-of-a-kind baroque pearl which hangs elegantly on a sterling silver barely-there chain. As if suspended in thin air, these magical earrings will be your July go-to. Crisp and white, these earrings will breathe life into your summer wardrobe through their pure elegance and beauty. What more could you want this season?

Gold necklace

Gold necklace, SOLUNA, £265

Everyone needs a gold layering necklace in their summer jewellery box. The layered look is hands down the top trend of the year. Layering allows you to mix and match your jewellery to form an authentic and original look that’s exclusive to you and you only. SOLUNA’s sun necklace is the ideal piece of jewellery to layer with your other pieces. This London-based ethical jewellery brand draws on his Peruvian heritage to create modern, expressive pieces that nod to ancient myths and stories. Handcrafted from the finest 925 silver and subsequently plated in 18kt gold, this necklace is a quality piece to last you a lifetime, not a season.

 Tennis bracelet

Tennis bracelet, Infinity & Co, £47

Tennis bracelets are all the rage right now… and not just because it’s Wimbledon season! Tennis bracelets are sleek single band bracelets featuring an array of gemstones, usually diamonds. Radiating traditional elegance and class, the tennis bracelet is a gorgeous jewellery item that will imbue your look with some understated luxury. Style this lovely Infinity & Co Anya bracelet with your other diamond jewellery for a high-class look everyone will envy. Whether you wear with your finest cocktail dress of everyday attire, you can rest assured that you’ll look chic with this beautiful bracelet sitting on your wrist.

Crown ring

Crown ring, Black Betty Design, £403

Kristin Weixelbaumer, lead designer of Black Betty Design, crafts ethical and majestic jewellery pieces to empower women everywhere. This crown ring is a unique piece fit for a Queen. The intricate design combines texture and form to create an elegant midi ring that sits snugly on your finger. This South African brand was founded after Kristin travelled across Northern India where she discovered the rich culture of Indian jewellery design. Her spiritual affinity with gemstones means each piece crafted by designer is imbued with love and passion - something that is visible in this detailed ring.

Frida Kahlo earrings

Frida Kahlo earrings, Kimili, £69

Frida Kahlo represents strength, colour and individuality - values that are all encapsulated in the Frida earrings by Georgian jewellery brand Kimili. This brand creates more than jewellery, it creates wearable art. This handmade jewellery item combines texture and artistic flair to form a playful and unique pair of earrings everyone will desire. Colour inspires happiness and joy, so who wouldn’t want to wear these vibrant earrings this month? Embody the carefree and passionate spirit of Frida with earrings that channel those happy summer vibes.

Cartier style bracelet

Rose gold bracelet, Opes Robur, £119

Opes Robur create stunning jewellery that fuses luxury and industrial aesthetics. Their Roman bracelet features an 18kt rose gold band and a band of sparkling gemstones - perfect to dress up your everyday casual looks. Featured on our list for alternative bracelets to the Cartier love bangle, this bracelet has a high-fashion feel but won’t break the bank. Rose gold is a material loved by women. Adding a touch of femininity to your everyday ensemble, wear this bracelet and feel chic and sleek day to night.

Statement earrings

Statement earrings, ParkFord, £390

These statement earrings by our newest Chicago-based designer, ParkFord will certainly draw attention. From the sharp and spiky design to the unique royal blue lapis lazuli gemstones, there’s nothing unoriginal about these earrings. Imagine how fabulous these earrings would look at your next cocktail party. In you walk, hair tied back, lips rouged, with these stunning earrings shining elegantly under the light. Feel edgy and bold with jewellery that channels confidence and poise.