Men's Fashion Week AW19


London Men’s Fashion Week has been and gone, yet it certainly has set higher expectations for jewellery and accesorisation for AW19. Amongst the avant garde club kid/ loverboy vibes reverberating from Charles Jeffrey collection, and the military uniforms Kent & Curwen stomped down the runway, impeccable style could be found on the bustling streets of London. Streetwear and high fashion in fact, go hand in hand. Ironically, the runway is the space for designers to ‘do their worst’. What ‘works’, and what doesn’t is then dictated on and through the street.

LMFW has shown just how significant jewellery is becoming in ‘finishing’ a look. Jewellery is increasingly being called upon to express individual style and authenticity. Today, especially in streetwear, a statement brooch or a single earring is the focal point by which looks are built around. Just this week at the Golden Globes, celebrities such as Michael B Jordan and Cody Fern were commended for their use of statement jewellery. Invest in your wardrobe this year with bold jewellery. Here’s the top street style jewellery looks from AW19 London Men's Fashion Week, showing you how to look on trend this year.


A New Kinda Cuff

Cuff Bracelets

Whilst statement bracelets weren’t heavily featured within designers’ collections at London Men’s Fashion week, arm cuff motifs could be identified within many looks. Chalayan, for example showcased some elastic straps and Art School went big on costume jewellery-esque bracelets. Interestingly, these two designers create clothing which pushes gender boundaries, challenging the concepts of masculinity and femininity. Perhaps we are still at a point in fashion where the binaries within jewellery are not quite broken. Watches still are the predominant wrist adornments for men, and bracelets for women. This makes it all the more exciting to see statement bracelets such as this architectural cuff (pictured above) worn by men at fashion week. The chrome cage combined with the tulle ruffles lubricates gender dialogues within sartorial culture - a point which is exciting in itself.



Men's Hoop Earrings

It seems that hoop earrings aren’t just a women’s staple jewellery item. Both on the runway and off, hoop earrings were the go-to jewellery item for men’s week. It’s no surprise considering the versatility of the item, which can vary in shape and style. The hoop earring is a great piece to mix and match with other earrings. Adam Carson pairs a strong silver hoop with a simple metal stud. Evidently his style resides in the bold and colourful, but he carries his aesthetic to his jewellery through the mismatched earring look. Carson was amongst many fashionistas to sport hoop earrings, which is why you need it in your jewellery case in 2019.


Unconventional Earrings

Statement Earrings

Whilst runway looks seemed lacking in men’s bracelets and watches, perhaps this is because all attention is on earring’s this season. Of course, the revival of men’s pierced ears over the past few years lends itself to an increase in men’s earrings. Nonetheless, it was a nice surprise to see both high quantity and quality earrings within many designer AW19 collections such as Iceberg and Edward Crutchley. This trend is visible in streetwear too. Amongst hooped earrings various avant garde shapes were spotted amongst the crowds. Creative, Seyon Amosu displayed some of my favourite looks of fashion week. He infuses his chic looks with personal style in intricate ways, as with this elegant silver earring. Evoke individuality through unique jewellery for style that remains authentic. 


Genderless Jewellery

Gender Neutral Jewellery Gender Neutral Jewellery 

From Iceberg’s man-skirts to Chalayan’s rouge lips, fashion week went 50/50 with many designers showcasing genderless fashion pieces. Art School featured an array of pink gemstones within costume jewellery ensembles, whilst Charles Jeffrey championed the club kid gender-f*@! aesthetic throughout his collection. Gender neutral jewellery is on the rise. Not only is the gender neutral trend aesthetically striking and chic, it supports cultural acceptance and progress. A chain necklace, previously a male-orientated fashion item, is now a key piece in women’s fashion. Pen Wewer pairs a simple silver chain over a Balenciaga logo sweatshirt for an effortless sporty look. James Cunningham’s hoop earrings with cross are edgy and minimal earrings everyone should have in their jewellery box.


Bold Brooches 

Men's Brooches

Per Gotesson hit the mark with the abstract colourful brooches he used to adorn his AW19 Collection. Even today, those who wear brooches are often fearless and eccentric. The stigma that associates brooches with, let’s say, Grandma’s heirloom jewels still seems to inspire some hesitancy towards the jewellery item. But you’re missing a massive style opportunity by shirking the brooch. Luckily, a few hidden gems within the streets of London attempted to revive the stigmatised item. Fashion stylist, Lewis Stuart Cameron pins a silver military style brooch to his chest pocket for a chic and effortless look. Cameron demonstrated how unconventional can be in keeping, yet still his look is a personal favourite of mine for his mature and delicate approach to dressing.


Strong Neck Game 

Necklaces London Men's Fashion Week Men's Necklaces London Fashion Week AW19 Men's Necklaces London Fashion Week AW19

It’s safe to say Charles Jeffrey stole the show with neck adornments at London Men’s Fashion Week. Jeffrey preempts a serious fascination with neck accessories for AW19, whilst street style seemed to advocate a reserved and understated approach with regards to neckwear. Even so, the three looks above show just how expressive one can be with necklaces and pendants. From layered beaded necklaces to long pendants, invest in a single necklace that will see you through the year. A man wearing a necklace has an aura of intimacy and elegance, so be a sartorial vision with a necklace that reflects who you are in 2019. 

All Images From REX Images

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