It’s been a long September, we’ve seen the weather go from dazzling hot, sunny days to wild winds and torrential rain (often on the same day); but you’ve made it through the autumn transition month! What better way to celebrate this payday then with beautiful handcrafted treats?

We’ve hand selected our three favourite pay day treats that will provide you with the ultimate October sparkle.

Wonder Fine Jewellery | Yellow Gold Wonder Single Threader Earring With Mother Of Pearl | £214

Threader and mismatching earrings are all the rage this AW season. Wonder Fine’s threader earring range uses hand-selected Mother of Pearl, Diamond and Labradorite stones in 14kt yellow gold settings to create a dynamic stud feature combined with shimmering long-line chains. The hanging chain adds a unique touch to the simple stud-inspired style. They’re simple yet stunningly stylish and easy to wear, why not treat yourself? You’ve worked hard this month!

“In quality we trust, for the modern journeyman (and woman)” - ANCHOR & CREW takes ownership of an exploratory lifestyle and enjoys the happy-good life. Combining British craft manufacturing with a discerning modern-minimalist style, this unisex bangle is a JewelStreet favourite this month. It’s effortlessly versatile, the sterling silver will match any outfit you choose with a simple yet alluring style; perfect for any rowing enthusiasts or water-sport lovers!

Our final payday pick is the Orbit Rose Gold Cosmos Necklace by Cara Tonkin, and you can see why! Bold lines, expertly places handmade spheres, the rose gold and sterling silver colour combination, what’s not to love? This necklace is big yet not overstated, quirky yet refined and effortlessly versatile; you can wear it with your best evening gown or over a high-necked jumper and it would still look just as glamorous.