I went to Halfords to collect a competition prize of a new car radio and stood next to me was a tall male - I didn't take much notice as I was in conversation with the store manager.  

I was asked to move my car to a covered area for the radio to be installed but as I was moving my car, the tall male stood in front of my car preventing me from driving.  

He mouthed through the windscreen, are you Tracey Davies?  

I nodded and he went round to the passenger side of the car and as I wound down the window he identified himself as Nick Ingram.  

I had dated Nick 30 years previously when I was 23 years old only for about 3 months.  

Nick ended up moving away with work, he was a chef, and due to no mobile phones or internet, we lost contact.  Following a marriage lasting 17 years and a daughter of 8 years old, Nick returned to his home town.  

Nick asked me for a coffee, then dinner...

I was 2 months away from emigrating to Australia to be with my son and daughter-in-law but ended up staying with Nick and marrying him!