Creaciones Espaliu Berdud SL (shortened to CRESBER) was established as a diamond jewellery manufacturer in 1981. Since then, CRESBER have been producing classical jewellery, with diamonds and many other gems, as you can see in the pieces they offer. Based in Andalusia, South Spain, CRESBER’s dedicated artisans work hard to develop new styles and to meet their customers needs. True masters of the trade, CRESBER creates one-of-a-kind golden jewels with textured surfaces, combining tradition with cutting-edge technology. Chief designer Fernando Espaliu breaks down the history of the brand and gives us a behind the scenes look at the making of CRESBER jewellery.



Since 1981 CRESBER have been producing classical jewellery. But in the early years of the 2000’s, I began to think about adding a new line of products, deeply innovating in the kind of jewellery we were producing.

I drew inspiration by the nature which surrounds us in Andalusia: the two seas, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, the Guadalquivir River (the Big River, as Arabs called it). I’m inspired by Andalusia’s diverse landscapes and above all its sun, which in summertime can get almost as merciless as the Sahara’s.

That’s how I designed completely new creations, with a strong distinctive feature: golden jewels with a textured surface and a strong personality, aimed at being enjoyed so much by the sense of sight and by the sense of touch. What I want is that the woman who wears these pieces can enjoy my jewels, feeling unique and warmly enveloped by my creations.  

I’ve devoted my whole life to my passion for jewellery. I’m part of the third generation of jewellery craftsmen; I began as an apprentice, as soon as I had the chance. I’ve been lucky enough to learn about this industry in every task and in every detail.

In my workshop I am lucky to work everyday with real masters of their craft, with whom I’ve grown up. We all share the passion for well-done work and have a deep respect for this millenarian trade. We work with gems and precious metals with the same dedication and affection we saw in the masters who taught us.

So today, with the legacy of tradition on one hand, and the cutting-edge technology on the other, we go on creating jewels which are one-of-kind and unique, adapted to the needs and the tastes of today’s women.