How to travel the world for under £100

Who doesn’t love travelling? There’s no feeling better than the sense of relief and utter relaxation when you’re thousands of miles away from home. Work stress, finances and mundane tasks become distant memories.

However, this distance is a luxury that not many of us can indulge in. We have responsibilities and commitments that require us to stay grounded, even if we wish we were escaping on the next flight out. 

Turn your wanderlust into style lustre, with jewels that we’ve sourced from around the world. Take a trip to all continents with a fashion that is steeped in culture and heritage. These handmade jewellery items are so rich in meaning that it’s actually surprising how affordable they are. At less than £100 each, you could have your own emblem of your inner travelling spirit.

Destination Australia

Buckle up, you’ve got a first class seat to see the hottest style around. Designer Susan Driver is inspired by the organic shapes and forms of her surrounding Australian landscape. Nature’s fluidity and irregularity are of central interest to her jewellery sketches and creations.

This is jewellery that will bring the heatwave to you wherever you may be. The below images feature three of her most popular designs. And guess what? They’re all under £200. Click on the image below to find out more about the collection. Never before has real life treasure been so accessible.

Destination - Australia

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Destination USA

Next stop? It’s the much loved handmade pieces of the USA. Conges offer a beautiful collection of jewellery that withholds the energies of nature, and the power of thought. These are pieces that strike a chord with your inner being. They inspire confidence. The radiate positivity.

You don’t need to travel to prioritise your mental and physical well-being when you have pieces that can centre you like these.

Not only will you look amazing whilst wearing Conges’ pieces, you will feel amazing too. That’s because Conges put so much time and effort into remaining sustainably and environmentally conscious throughout the designing process. There is a deep respect for the materials that are worked with.

Destination - USA

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Destination Indonesia

Indonesia is a hugely underrated travel destination. This Southeast Asian nation is made up of thousands of idyllic beaches and adventurous volcanic islands. Not only that, but it is a treasure trove of meaningful and holistic accessories.

Designer Laura Galasso creates her distinctive jewellery to be as distinctive as the location from which she is inspired. Her lifestyle imagery offers you a small snapshot into the beauty of her Indonesian surroundings, and the team at JewelStreet are in constant envy of it! You can own a piece of jewellery made with the most valuable gemstones and crystals.

Destination - Indonesia

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Destination Italy

Pizza, pasta and jewellery. Name a better trio. Invite the romance of Italy into your jewellery box with Vintouch Italy’s iconic and classic designs. Each piece is embellished with decorative elements such as pearls, precious and semi-precious stones. 

Founder Alessandro Ricevuto discovered his passion for jewels at a young age. This was an indistinguishable passion, mainly fueled by spending so much time in his father’s workshops in Torre del Greco, Naples, which was coincidentally the homeland of cameo and coral jewellery manufacturing. Vintouch Italy’s designs stem from the impact that this creative setting had on Alessandro. Click on the image below to channel the warmth of this locale through your jewellery repertoire.

Destination - Italy

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Destination Slovenia

GT Collection is based in Slovenia, and is named after the initials of its founder Gasper Tratnik. Confidence and empowerment are central influences behind the brand. Quality craftsmanship and quality materials combine to form true statement pieces. 

Each piece is imbued with cultural concepts and beliefs. Gasper always mixes his love of fashion with its intrinsic link to culture. A designer will always be influenced by factors such as this. Childhood, culture, religion, and language all impact the final artistic expression. This is what makes each and every piece so unique and special. Click on the image below to discover an affordable collection of jewellery to satisfy your thirst for cultural exploration and travel.

Destination - Slovenia

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