Those who experience Australia never forget it.

Magical, mystical...

There is nowhere on Earth like it.

It's shaped the art of Yvonne West.

Bright, swirling, dazzling, hypnotising colours and shapes.

Recreating unforgettable landscapes.

Now you can buy unique, original art from Yvonne.

Choose from her myriad styles. 

And celebrate your own connection to the world's most fascinating continent..
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Still Life with Hydrangeas original acrylic painting 
Rock Mysteries original acrylic painting 
Old Truck original watercolour painting 
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Nothing elevates your home like original art.

Yvonne West has enjoyed 30 years as a working artist. 

She brings all that skill and passion to celebrating the magic of the land of her birth. 

And we're always here on +44 (0)117 933 9501 or [email protected] to speak to you.