Perhaps it’s because the blue-green hue is so reminiscent of the ocean? Or perhaps it’s because it looks so good when worn with a tan? Whatever the reason - turquoise is our go-to gemstone for summer.

When we think of holidays, we think of pretty white dresses by day and silky slip dresses by night. But the accessories we’re packing in our jewellery roll are all turquoise. For us, the vibrant blue stone is a symbol of the warmer months - lazy days spent getting sandy at the beach and balmy evenings sipping cocktails on a rooftop bar.

The best thing about it? It’s so easy to style and looks epic with a bronzy summer glow. Wear lots of dainty turquoise rings layered up across both hands for a relaxed boho look, or embellish your wrists with stacks of turquoise bracelets to make more of a statement. However you choose to wear it, this perennial summer favourite will add a splash of colour to all your summer looks.

Did you know? Turquoise didn’t get its name from its colour, but instead from geography. The azure semi-precious gem first made its way to Europe from the central Asian mines via Turkish bazaars, and it translates from the French for “Turkish stone”.

Historically, the Arabic countries thought it was a lucky stone, protecting the wearer from evil and curing the wearer's ailments. To this day, many cultures still believe the stone processes therapeutic and spiritual qualities.  

From bracelets to rings, we’ve handpicked a selection of our must-have turquoise jewellery. No matter what your budget or your style, you’re about to find your next summer jewellery staple.  

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