Independent Italian jewellery designer, Dada Arrigoni first developed her love of jewels and fashion in her childhood, where she grew up surrounded by powerful, stylish women. Her mother and grandmother encouraged her to explore her own style and to follow her heart in her journey of self-discovery.

This journey is reflected in Dada’s distinct and confident collections, which feature fluid silhouettes in mixed materials, and precious gemstones, designed to transcend fashion and express confidence and beauty.

“I was completely fascinated by the decoration that Berber women do on their hands"

Launched five years ago, the Tattoo collection is not one of Dada’s newest collections, but because of its timeless style and popularity, it has remained one of her core collections. It was first inspired by the Berber women, who traditionally tattoo their bodies and faces. “I was completely fascinated by the decoration that Berber women do on their hands... So feminine. I wanted to create something precious that was inspired by these decorations, and I also wanted something modern and not so invasive.”

Tattoo RingTattoo BraceletTattoo White Gold Ring

Following the natural movements of the bodytattoo-model

The refined collection features a selection of rings and bracelets, available in four colour versions. Dada is particularly careful about where she sources her materials, and only uses diamonds and gold that have come from a conflict free zone.” The structure of each piece has been thoughtfully designed to follow the natural movements of the body, creating a line that seamlessly wraps around the finger or wrist. “It was very difficult to make this collection for the movement and sincerely after many models, I wanted to give up. Many, many times the ring didn't fit well, it wasn’t comfortable at all and I was so sad because I knew exactly what I wanted. One day, we suddenly found the exact movement and I was so happy. The pieces are totally comfortable, feminine and exactly how I wanted them to be.”

The collection perfectly balances tradition and modernism, whilst making a glamorous and very original statement. “Even people who are not usually attracted to jewellery want to try this collection.”

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