Are you looking for gift ideas for babies? Unique baby clothes are a fantastic idea for gifts.

Babies typically double their own body weight in the first six months. This fast-paced growth means that new parents are always looking for new clothes.

Handmade baby clothes are a great way to find a memorable present. JewelStreet’s style gurus have found unique gifts that will make your baby stand out.

1. Hand-knitted bear outfit

Hand-knitted designs are ideal for unique gifts. These designs are usually infused with the passion and creativity of the designer, which gives them an individual flavour.

Unique Baby Clothes Bear Outfit

A warm hand-knitted babygro.

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Cute, snuggly and warm.

2. Personalised babygro

Personalised baby clothes aren’t just a gift. They’re a message. A way to say that you’ve really dedicated thought and care to choosing a gift. Personalised messages change it from a gift into a keepsake.

Personalised baby bodysuit

A great way to say hello.

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This is a fantastic way to give a child a hug from far away.

3. Imaginative Dinosaur Boots

Unique baby clothes are a great way to spark a baby’s imagination.

Leather Baby Boots

Imaginative baby boots. 

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What child doesn’t want to be a t-rex? A gift that’s as meaningful to the child as it is to the parent.

4. Matching Hat and Boots

Handmade baby accessories are a stylish way to introduce a unique flair.

Match hats and boots

A unique hat and boot set for babies.

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How cute would your baby look in this matching hat and booty design?

5. Starry Newborn Babygrow

Another creative design for those babies that just love star gazing.

Unique baby gown

A baby gown that'll leave you starry-eyed. 

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A baby gown that will make your baby a star.

6. Beautiful Flower Swaddle

Swaddles are a thoughtful gift. These can be used as a fun and cheerful blanket that keeps your baby warm.


Flowery baby swaddle

A gorgeous swaddle to wrap them up safe and sound. 

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Who wouldn’t have a great night's sleep wrapped in that?

7. Colourful Baby Body Suits

A cheery bodysuit that injects a bit of colour into your life.

Baby Cardigans

Have you ever seen such a cute pair?

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A great gift that will keep babies warm and happy.

8. Designer gift set

A super smart and stylish gift set that has everything a kid could need.

White Baby Set

An ultrasmart gift set. 

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A smart suit that’s great for babies attending formal events.

9. Rainbow Dungarees

Tough baby dungaree - ideal for playtime.


Great for playtime.

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A fun, colourful gift for those adventurous babies.

10. Knottie Hat-Tilly

A cute hat that will keep your baby’s head super toasty.

Baby Hat Clothes

Warm and adorable.

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How cute does that hat look?

Unique baby clothes: Buying Guide

Buy a Size Bigger

Buy clothes they are growing into. Babies grow at a fast rate.

If appropriate check with the parents. Don't buy for the baby you last saw or you might buy a size they have just grown out of.

Buy Useful Clothes

When you have a newborn, all new baby clothes are a godsend.

Look for items that you know will have immediate use. Don’t buy winter clothes in summer.

Want to find a memorable gift? Buy some unique baby clothes from JewelStreet.