You’ve transitioned over the years from secret admirer, to passionate lover, and now devoted partner. But after so many years of roses, it can be hard to find a special and unique gift for your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Did you know that every year, over 36 million heart shaped boxes of chocolates are sold across the country? It’s time that you ditch the predictable presents and surprise the love of your life with a Valentines proposal.

What better day is there to propose than Valentines Day? Whilst the singletons hibernate indoors, you can take to the streets and shout your love from the rooftops. Share a kiss under the stars, hold hands through the bustling city streets, and share stories of the life you have lived together.

Love is in the air, and it’s hard to resist falling deeper and deeper into the love potion that JewelStreet’s cupid designers have been stirring up. Take a read of our Top 10 Valentine's Day Proposal Ideas, and make 2019 the year you finally put a ring on it. Visit our Wedding Hub to shop engagement rings HERE.

1. Make an explosion box of pictures

A few years back, an American teen went viral for gifting his girlfriend an elaborate pop-up photo album before he went away for college. This sparked a trend of DIY gifts that screamed sentimental and meaningful. Why not surprise your other half and propose in a way that is unique to the two of you?

You can choose pictures and snapshots of all the good times you've spent together. On other sections you can write messages of endearment or write a good memory you have shared.

When your partner opens the box fully, they will see the ring box nestled in the middle. You know what to do next...

2. With rose petals on the bed

When you plan a Valentine's Day proposal, you need to throw your partner off the scent a little. They can not suspect a thing. If your proposal is going to be as memorable as possible, then planning a heartwarming surprise is the best way forward.

So perhaps suggest that you both stay in this Valentine's Day and just watch a film? Convince her that Valentines isn't special, and that you love her every day of the year regardless.

Sneak away during the TV adverts to decorate the bedroom with balloons and confetti as seen below. Your partner won't be expecting this one.

3. With doughnuts and sweet treats 

You probably already know this, but the way to a girl's heart is through her stomach. If I was presented with these doughnuts, I don't know what would make me happier: the mouthwatering sugar icing or the proposal itself. Either way, it's a unique way to propose! Is this what dreams are made of?

You can use icing sugar to pipe your own message onto doughnuts. Alternatively you can order doughnuts that spell out the words "Marry Me". 

4. During a nighttime walk under the stars

Lavish proposals are not for everyone. You may be the couple that suits an intimate and private proposal, or you may be the couple that want all your friends and family around to witness. You do you.

If you are a fan of the understated and low-key affair, then this proposal idea is for you. There is nothing more romantic than lying down under a blanket of stars. You don't need huge expense to make your proposal special. Just the two of you is enough. Gaze up at the stars and maybe all your wishes will come true. 

5. Over a romantic dinner

Valentine's Day is the day of dating, and I can assure you that most restaurants will be packed to the brim. If you want to propose over dinner, then I suggest that you book your chosen restaurant well in advance.

When do you plan to propose? At the start of dinner? At the end?

If you want to be extra flashy (I'm talking when Tara Palmer-Tomkinson swallowed a diamond flashy) then arrange to have the engagement ring placed in your partner's glass of champagne or in their desert. Just make sure they don't eat it like Tara did!

6. In a chocolate box

Okay, I know I said that chocolate boxes have been overdone, but why not spice up your own chocolate box this year? Ditch the high street chocolates and consider going bespoke. Why not even make your own? 

This proposal idea is perfect if your partner has a sweet-tooth. This is also a great proposal idea for an unsuspecting partner. They will assume that this is just another average box of chocolates, but boy are they wrong...

7. With a Valentine's Day treasure hunt

Consider organising a romantic treasure hunt for your partner to try and solve. This is a treasure hunt with a gorgeous prize - a glistening diamond ring. Write your own personalised set of clues that lead your partner from location to location.

You can have as much fun as you want with this. You can visit places that are sentimental or special to the both of you. For example, you could hide a clue in the location where you first met, or the place where you went on your first date. 

8. Speak the language of love

If your partner speaks a different language, consider learning it for them. Not only will this come in handy for the proposal, it will show your lifelong commitment to them. There is nothing more romantic than the language of love, whatever language this may be for you.

9. Plan a surprise romantic getaway 

Whether it be Paris, Rome, Venice, or at a luxury hotel down the road from your house, being somewhere different is always special. 

Organise and plan a secret weekend away for you and your partner. Make sure to check her schedule and see if she is available for the dates you are planning to book!

When you arrive at your chosen destination, it is up to you as to when you pop the question. Just let the energy flow, and if it feels right then go for it. 

10. Breakfast in bed

Why not propose with the two loves of your life, your partner... and your bed. 

Everybody loves breakfast in bed. It makes for the perfect start to any day. Start your Valentine's Day the right way and pop the question over some fruit and pancakes. How could your partner say no?