Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away and although that seems like forever, it’s better to be prepared! By now most of the restaurant bookings are gone and some gifts are already flying off the shelves. If you’re thinking of getting jewellery for your date this year, make it a handcrafted masterpiece from JewelStreet.

Whether you’re taking your date for a romantic meal or going for a midnight stroll, impress with gorgeous jewellery. Jewellery is much more personal than the stereotypical flowers and chocolates. I’ve compiled some brilliant and thoughtful gift ideas to give to your significant other, whatever your relationship stage.

The Annual Family Gift

I don’t know about you, but my mum would always get me a card for Valentine’s Day. Up until the age of 11, my mum would write me a lovely message then sign it ‘From your secret admirer…’ I always knew it was her because of her handwriting, but it was touching and very sweet of her. If you give Valentine’s treats to your children, why not get them something memorable and start their obsession with jewellery. The Ruby Heart Stud Earrings have a beautiful rosy red gemstone and are a sweet gift for your child to cherish forever.


Gemondo Jewellery | Ruby Heart Stud Earrings  (Left)| £71.00
Lexi Cannon Jewellery Silver Hammered Heart Spinning Ring (Right)| £38.00

The Blind Date

Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to find love and what better way to find it than to go on a blind date? Blind dates are exciting and nerve wracking so put your best foot forward and make a good first impression. Most blind dates occur in a restaurant so over your candlelit meal, surprise your date with jewellery. Obviously, you don’t want to spend too much - you barely know the person and what if there’s no attraction? - so give a sweet little token, like the Total Eclipse of the Heart Hoop Earrings. For the men, give a modern-minimalist bracelet from Anchor & Crew. P.S. If the date goes horribly, just don’t give them the gift! Give it to your mum, dad or friend as a Valentine’s treat.


Anchor & Crew | Grey Dash Liverpool Silver And Rope Bracelet (Left)| £40.00

The Honeymoon Phase

You and your other half have been together for awhile and are in that blissful honeymoon phase, where everything your boyfriend or girlfriend does is perfect and you can’t keep your hands off each other. You don’t want to burst the love bubble by getting them something too serious or something too casual - what I’m saying is absolutely NO rings or wilting flowers! Put a twist on the traditional flowers and give your lover floral inspired jewellery. Delicate flower earrings for her and daring Fleur-De-Lis cufflinks for him.


Maree London | Silver Flower Earrings With Swarovski Pearl (Left)| £89.00
Metal Couture Sterling Silver Fleur-De-Lis Cufflinks (Right)| £206.00

The Cohabitees

You’re in a loving committed relationship and have taken a big step by moving in together. You love each other and know you want to spend the rest of your lives together - but you’re not quite ready to get down on one knee or start writing any vows. Show your commitment with a personalised gift. Have your names engraved into a beautiful necklace to show that you’ll be together forever - but no wedding bells just yet! For him, the Personalised Compass Engraved Cufflinks are thoughtful and unique. Add your desired location and coordinates to make a personal one-of-a-kind design.


Serendipity Diamonds | Personalised Compass Engraved Cufflinks (Left)| £276.00
Posh Totty Designs Personalised Double Hoop Necklace (Right)| £55.00

The Married Couple

You and your husband or wife have been together for a while and have honoured your commitment to one another by tying the knot. Congratulations! This Valentine’s day, update your wedding ring! The wedding ring will always be personal to you and your other half, but why not give your marriage a new lease of life with an updated ring. Give each other rings to reaffirm your commitment to one another or mark your first, tenth or twentieth Valentine’s day as a married couple. Choose sapphires, the gemstones that represent trust and faithfulness.


Verifine London | Gemopoli 3 Row Blue Sapphire Ring in White Gold (Left)| £1,400.00
Allurez Yellow Gold & Diamond Channel Set Ring Wedding Band (Right)| £1,877.00