Ever had your heart broken?

We all have.

Love's a precious and sometimes delicate thing.

Celebrate it while you have it.

And share it this Valentine's Day.

With these precious, beautiful, meaningful, unbreakable hearts.
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14kt Gold Diamond Heart & Gemstone Necklace 
by Noush Jewelry

Choose the stone that suits your love. It'll be the backdrop to that fabulously detailed diamond and gold heart. Over 1 carat of stones send a clear, brilliant message of love.
18kt white gold diamond heart earrings
by DRAJÉE London 

No woman would be unhappy to open the little box containing these bright, sparkling earrings. See her smile as 24 diamonds define a love heart with weight and meaning.
Sterling silver keyhole heart pendant
by Sian Bostwick Jewellery 

Dive into the endless fascination of this delicate and intricate construction. Red garnets catch the eye with a flash of passion. Will the key unlock the heart? Click through to read the story behind this inspired, and very wearable, work of jewellery art.
Sterling silver chunky filigree heart bracelet
by ChloBo
Buy guaranteed gifting success with this popular maker. ChloBo's Balian influences produce a slinky but substantial piece in pure, glistening silver. Delicate filigree is the stunning, romantic final touch.
18kt White Gold Blue Sapphire & Diamond Floating Heart Ring
by Ri Noor

What a blockbuster ring this is. Ri Noor designer Shibani Shinde Patil lets the finest stones lead her designs. Here, a once-in-a-lifetime sapphire is a breathtaking centrepiece to a symphony of diamonds and white gold. Is this ring the 1 for you?
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Choosing a Valentine's Day gift can be daunting. 

Shopping with designers who share your values is the best way to get work that speaks for you.

These wonderful pieces of jewellery were made with love. 

That's why they speak so clearly of it.

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