Vintage Wedding Jewellery

Vintage wedding jewellery is often characterised by statemented and unique designs. Using older and traditional components alongside modern materials can result in an aura of elegance and glamour.

Whether you’re looking for jewellery to accompany your vintage bridal aesthetic, or wish to find the perfect vintage piece for your bridal gown, then place your trust in us. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite pieces and supplied some of our most important styling tips for you.

Vintage Wedding Jewellery

Distinctive, quirky and individual are words synonymous with vintage bridal jewellery. There is no need to worry whether another bride will have the same style as you when you choose this theme.

As you’ll probably find, the vintage bridal accessory scene is a crowded place. There are so many different interpretations of ‘vintage’ jewellery around. Here at JewelStreet, we define vintage jewellery as pieces that harp back our jewellery past. They’re often made with periodic styles in mind, and so bring forward a sense of timeless beauty.

Vintage is essentially jewellery with an antique appearance, a certain nostalgic value, and a prestigious air of elegance and luxury. Just like these mesmerising Petite Vintage Earrings by Joana Salazar.

These Petite Vintage Earrings were inspired by a piece of jewellery that the designer Joana Salazar had as a child. The peaceful and profound nature of these earrings is striking. They are comprised of 18kt rose gold, pink coral, blue sapphires and diamonds. They’re are noticeably distinct, but still retain an element of subtlety and grace.

Wedding Tip: When having your professional photographs taken, ensure that you position yourself so that your jewellery and dress detailing is always facing the lens. In this case, consider pinning your hair back and tilting your head to reveal a little glimpse of these gorgeous gems.

Vintage Wedding Jewellery

Like what you see? Check out Joana Salazar‘s boutique HERE.

Vintage Wedding Jewellery

As a bride-to-be, it is hard to cruise through your wedding journey without the phrase ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ being repeated to you! Here at JewelStreet we are confident that ‘something old’ does not have to be covered in dust and cobwebs.

Instead, consider carrying a locket. These lovely vintage Lily Blanche lockets can each carry a photograph inside. Do you want a loved one close to your heart on your big day? Perhaps in memory of someone who has passed.

This is a pendant with a presence, and will be sure to turn heads. It’s not only sentimental and meaningful, but it is eye-catching too.

Styling Tip: The vintage long line design of this piece would suit a dress with a deep v-neck. Alternatively, it would compliment a high neck vintage dress too.

Vintage Wedding Jewellery

Like what you see? Check out Lily Blanche‘s boutique HERE.

Vintage Wedding Jewellery

Vintage weddings are the perfect opportunity to purchase luxury jewellery, not only for one day, but to wear for a number of different occasions.

These rings by Sharon Mills London are incredibly versatile. Wear them alone or together to make an impact, or add in a few of your own family heirlooms for a mega vintage vibe.

Not only will you get great wear out of these pieces, you’ll also have a beautiful vintage keepsake to pass on for generations to come.

Wedding Tip: When the ceremony and reception have taken place, you’ll be surprised to find that most couples go straight to sleep. Whatever your plans for the night, make sure that you keep an eye on your jewellery, and store it in a safe place. You’ll want to keep these pieces forever. They will have HUGE sentimental value.

Vintage Wedding Jewellery

 Like what you see? Check out Sharon Mills London‘s boutique HERE.