Billie Holiday

Today would have been Billie Holiday’s 104th birthday. The legendary singer was a pioneering figure in the world of jazz singing. Her voice, as smooth as honey, earned her 23 posthumous Grammy nominations and a legacy like no other. Holiday’s life was filled with hardship, through which a love of music became the saving grace. As a child, Holiday would listen to the records of Louis Armstrong and Bessie Smith. By the age of 14, she started performing in clubs, immersed in the music scene of the Harlem Renaissance. Yet her contribution to society surpassed the imprint she left on the jazz scene.

After her career gained notoriety, Holiday’s success flourished. She became the first black woman to perform with a white orchestra. She recorded with New York’s most reputable music labels and performed at world-class venues such as Carnegie Hall. Holiday’s unique voice, informal vocal technique and pioneering experimentation with tempo gained her the status of a musical marvel, a legend to both jazz, civil rights and feminist movement alike.

However, Billie Holiday’s sense of style is one aspect alone that deserves praise. From her flourishing floral crowns to her unique drop earrings, Holiday sure knew how to accessorise with attitude. In celebration of her life, discover the eternally elegant style of Billie Holiday. With these five fashion tips, you can transform yourself into a music icon.

Floral motifs are forever

Billie Holiday

Florals aren’t just for spring. Holiday wore floral fascinators in her hair all year round. We’ve all seen those iconic photos of the singer belting out bluesy tunes whilst looking fabulously floral. Floral motifs have been popular in jewellery since the 1920s. Camelias have become a floral symbol synonymous with the fine jewellery made by Chanel. From fine diamond designs to cute and kitschy pieces from the 1970s, there is a floral jewellery item for every aesthetic. Want to channel some floral finesse like Billie Holiday? Click here and discover a jewellery box fit for a music icon.

 ... So are ear cuffs

Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday’s fashion finesse was way ahead of its time. Who knew the ear cuff was being showcased in the 1940s? Check out her drop diamond ear cuffs? The waterfall effect of these gorgeous earrings proves that every woman should be showered in diamonds. Fast-forward nearly 80 years, the ear cuff is bigger than ever. From ear climbers, gemstone jackets, and spiked cuffs, ear cuffs always look edgy. Discover the ear cuff that perfectly suits your style here and radiate confidence. Just look how fabulous Billie Holiday looks above - don’t you want to look as iconic as her?

Pearl chokers perfectly balance elegance and attitude 

Billie Holiday

Pearls are elegant, timeless and classy. Chokers on the other hand are bold, sexy, and full of attitude. They say opposites attract… and that certainly is evident through Billie Holiday’s example. Wearing a pearl choker and her classic floral crown, Holiday is the epitome of old school glamour. Transform this classic look into a modern hit with a baroque pearl choker that emanates elegance and attitude. Feel fierce with jewellery that elevates your style.

Diamonds are the perfect accompaniment to a red lip

Billie Holiday

Diamonds command attention. A woman wearing diamonds radiates luxury and poise. Billie Holiday’s voice alone captured the hearts of endless admirers. But can you imagine her presence when drenched in diamonds and a bold red lip? One word. Goddess. Jewellery can transform you, and diamond jewellery is especially powerful. Discover our range of diamond jewellery here. From crisp white diamonds to dark and smoky black diamonds, harness some sartorial sass with luxurious jewellery. But don’t forget the red lip. As Billie Holiday demonstrates, it’s the cherry on top.

Abstract is always a winner

Billie Holiday

Unique jewellery is not always the ‘crowd-pleaser’, but it never fails to convey authentic style. This is one of my favourite pictures of Billie Holiday. Aside from the effortlessly beautiful squint and cigarette poised elegantly in her hand, her earrings completely steal the show. The simple design of an African-American woman perhaps crafted from silver or gold is striking and beautiful. Jewellery like this is immensely popular today, however I imagine for the time this was an unusual and unique jewellery piece to see. Get this modern and edgy look with our range of contemporary jewellery. I can’t guarantee you’ll look quite as dashing as Billie Holiday, but you’ll sure come close.

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