Wedding RIngs

A wedding ring marks a couple’s journey through life together. Through ups and downs, the poignant symbolism wedding rings hold serve as constant reminders of one’s devotion to their beloved. The engagement ring, of course, is a gift to the bride. It’s hers to cherish and treasure. However, your wedding ring is something quite different. Wedding rings represent who you are as a couple, and should reflect your shared tastes. The purpose of this item of jewellery is to make two lives one, and so both rings should reflect each other in some way. Whether this is the colour, cut, designer - as long as your wedding rings looks as if yearning for your partner’s, you’re doing something right!

Each couple is unique in their own way, and your wedding rings should reflect this! Perhaps your styles are completely different. But you can still feel unified and chic with wedding rings that are cohesive and cool. Perhaps you and your partner share a love of diamonds. Or you both would like something simple and timeless. I have curated wedding ring sets for every type of couple, giving you inspiration for your wedding ring shop.

The Traditional Couple

18kt Yellow Gold Heavy Court Shape Wedding Ring 18kt Yellow Gold Round Diamond Eternity Wedding Ring

Gold wedding bands are the perfect wedding duo for the couple who likes to keep it classy. Simple, elegant, and chic, a gold wedding band is the ideal ring to symbolise the sanctity of marriage. The sleek finish of the premium 18kt gold wedding ring will keep you looking sharp for years to come. Whilst your betrothed may want to get a matching simple band with you, she could also jazz it up with a line of diamonds. Eternity rings are becoming increasingly popular alternatives to a metal wedding band. Feel glamorous with a wedding band that radiates luxury and elegance.  

The Adventurers 

Dart Yellow Gold Ring Sid Yellow Gold Ring

For an active couple who love the outdoors, you’ll want wedding rings that are low maintenance and that won’t hinder your adventurous nature. For a modern twist on the classic wedding band, a textured wedding ring is the ideal alternative. Feel at one with the rough and rolling landscapes with wedding rings that have an unusual edge. Molten Wedding Rings have created the Dart and Sid Rings from premium and fairtrade 18kt gold. The raw edges are eye catching yet understated. Feel proud when wearing these wedding rings together climbing, hiking, and exploring the world together. Who said a no-fuss ring had to be boring? 

The Power Couple

Wedding Band White Gold and Diamonds for Men Diamond Parade ring

AKILLIS | Wedding Band White Gold and Diamonds for Men | £5,119.00
Uwe Koetter | Diamond Parade Ring | £3,000.00

You’re the couple who crave success. Ambition and motivation defines your relationship. You encourage each other to be your best self and go after the goals you set. A couple like this need stand out rings that indulge in luxury and affluence. You should be proud of what you and your fiance have built together, so flaunt it with a gorgeous and dazzling ring. The Diamond Parade Ring says it all in the name - it is a ring to be paraded. Just look at how beautifully the marquise cut diamond is enhanced by the triple diamond band. This is an incredible ring for a woman who knows what she wants. AKILLIS’ Wedding Band with Diamonds is the perfect companion to go with your lady’s rock. Feel sexy, poised and confident with a ring that signifies your shared hard work and devotion.

The Trendsetters

Stellar Ring Stellar Gold Nugget Ring

For the couple who set the rules, go for something different with your wedding rings. Feel chic on your wedding day with rings that are fashion-forward, bold and edgy. Taylor Black’s jewellery is renowned for its vintage edge. Lose yourself in the dark black and gold hues of the precious gemstones. What’s more of an iconic duo than black and gold? The Pyrite gemstone resembles the night sky with intricate flecks of gold. Uplift your love to cosmic heights with wedding rings that look as if plucked from the milky way.

The Unconventional Couple

Diamonds Snake Ring  Blue Topaz Snake RIng

Do you and your beloved like to go against the grain? Will your wedding be full of twists and surprises that defy convention? Then you need astonishing rings to dazzle your friends and family. Channel art, individuality and authenticity with wedding rings that will fill you with inspiration. Botta Gioielli is the perfect designer to choose for unique wedding rings you won’t find on many other people! The Snake Rings exude Baroque elegance with a contemporary finesse. Look at how electrifying that blue topaz is. Feel like an empress as your lover slithers this serpent ring on your finger. Now that’ll make a wedding photo perfect for Vogue.

The Diamond Lovers

9kt White Gold Diamond 4mm Designed Ring Scallop Artisan Pavé Band

Do you see diamonds in your lovers eyes? Than give them a ring that will dazzle and shine all year round. Diamonds are the most popular gemstones for wedding and engagement rings. It’s no wonder they’re the most coveted item known to man. If you and your beloved are mad for the precious gemstone, find wedding rings that will glisten and gleam together, forever. Harry Kotlar is an artist when it comes to diamond rings. The Scallop Artisan Pave Band is encrusted with diamonds. Imagine how her eyes will light up as you place this ring on her finger, solidifying your care and love for her. For him, choose Star Wedding Rings 9kt White Gold Diamond ring for an elegant companion. White gold is synonymous with luxury. Feel like royalty on your wedding day with diamond rings that exude opulence. 

Unisex/Same Sex Wedding Rings

Rose Gold Wedding Band Ring Set

Tezapsidis Jewellery | Rose Gold Wedding Band Ring Set | £707.00

Matching wedding rings is a sweet way to symbolise you and your partner’s life joining as one. From simple wedding bands to bold diamond rings, you can opt for any style for matching rings that capture the essence of your love. My personal favourite matching wedding band has to be the Rose Gold Set by Tezapsidis Jewellery. This is a truly unique ring. Handmade in Greece, the split engraving symbolises how you and your fiance are only complete when together. Rejoice in your romance with this gorgeous set of rings.

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