What to wear to work next week

Dressing for work is a headache and a half. You’ve got your office clothing style down, but your jewellery is often an afterthought. Now’s the time to prioritise pieces to wear on the daily.

Some of you may need a little friendly reminder to separate your work clothes from your out-of-office style. What you wear defines your mood. So the heavy hoops you wear on a Saturday night out won’t serve you the same on Monday morning at your desk. Define your weekday and weekend style. This will allow you to fully focus at work, and to truly let loose out of hours.

With that being said, jewellery is always an expression of your personality. Wear what makes you feel comfortable, empowered and confident. Walk into any meeting with your head high and jewellery proudly on show.

Take a look at our top three jewellery style picks to get you on the way to that next promotion. Whatever you’re wearing next week, wear it with this...

What are you wearing to work?

Let’s be honest, laborious hours of intense work is heavy. You’ll go through waves of feeling down, and you’ll soar in success when things are doing well. But it’s nice to have a little reminder of how powerful you really are.

Check out the new El GINDI range and find a piece suited for you. This collection has just launched, and is home to go-to items for a boss like you.

What to wear to work

What are you wearing to work next week?

What jewellery you wear to work is largely dependent on your work sector. Some jobs like doctors, paramedics, policemen and cabin crew often have restraints placed on their dress code because it interferes with a duty of care. In this case, opt for small and dainty pieces like the Susan Driver ones pictured below.

If you work in a creative office environment, however, or a chic cafe, then it’s totally ok to wear whatever jewellery you like. As long as you can still work effectively, then your jewellery is nothing but a style motivator. In this case, also opt for small and dainty pieces like the Susan Driver ones pictured below. They can bring a little summer sun into your office - even when you can’t see the outside!

What to wear to work

What are you wearing to work next week?

You’re on the grind and constantly travelling from meeting to meeting. Discussing creative ideas is definitely the best part of my job, and it’s great to have a token of your innovative and thoughtful side.

Show your colleagues how bright, bold and impactful you can be. Make your ideas seen and heard. There’s no way that you will go unnoticed in the IRIS ring from Emily Grace Jewellery. This ring is expertly handcrafted in sterling silver and is set with a Marmalade coloured resin. Handmade jewellery is at the peak of design and innovation… and so are you.

What to wear to work

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