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I love this time of year. December is the month to deck yourself in diamonds. Cloak yourself in citrine. And shine brighter than the starlit sky. I expect this festive season you’ve polished your most pristine gems and bejewelled yourself to royal standards. Because what other time of year can you get this bougie with bijoux?

Before you splash your Christmas cash impulsively, I’m going to help you get exactly what you need before next Christmas comes around. I don’t know about you, but around this time of year, I find myself scrambling to find matching sets of earrings. Or that one necklace that’s conservative enough for work, but classy enough for dates. Refresh your jewellery box with those much needed items! No longer will you be tipping out your treasures in a manic panicked search for ‘the other earring’. Scroll down to find those items your jewellery box desperately need.


Sterling Silver Dalia Earrings /products/tutti-earrings-in-aurora-sapphires Lightening Earrings

For those of you ladies in high-powered jobs, you can never have too many silver pieces to slip on for work. Your job may enforce boring dress-codes, but that doesn’t mean your jewellery has to be. Statement studs can be striking yet subtle. Go asymmetrical or mismatched to add some fierce finesse to your work attire. Carao Jewellery’s Dalia Earrings are simple and contemporary. If you don’t have the time to switch your jewellery up everyday, slip these in your ears and know you’ll be looking stylish for months to come. For an extra dash of added femininity, opt for State Property’s Tutti Earrings. The sapphires exude luxury, yet the design helps retain a subtle aesthetic appropriate for work. Julie Nicaisse’s Lightning Earrings will infuse your working life with power and confidence into your working life. Add these items to your jewellery box and give yourself one less thing to worry about!


18kt Yellow Gold Isabella Ring Moon Star Choker Yellow Gold Scarab Ring With Sapphires and Diamonds


If you’re the girl always sourcing the latest trends, chances are 2018’s jewellery is already sat in a box ready to drop into the charity shop. You already know the trends you’ll be sporting in 2019 - Baroque revival, wearable art, and celestial magic. To save you the trouble of finding next season’s hottest picks, we’ve found them for you. Melissa Anderson seeks inspiration in the Victorian era, crafting jewellery which is unique and timeless. The dark and gothic aesthetic of her 18kt Gold Isabelle Ring will add an elegant allure to your outfit. Uma K’s innovative take on the choker necklace shows how less, in fact, can be more. Pair with a jet black outfit to show the full impact of this statement necklace. Our final pick is the unique Scarab Ring With Diamonds. Conges’ ring uses Egyptian iconography to form an intriguing and original piece of wearable art. A design as original as this is hard to come by, so be the first to set the trend.


Gold Vermeil Bird Claw Earrings - Large Small Silver Links Brooch Secret Diamond Ring

The leading thinkers of today and tomorrow need to think outside the box - even when it comes to what they wear. Stand out from the crowd and lead your generation to champion nonconformity. From asymmetric earrings to bespoke brooches, prove the artistry of the millennial mind with these original jewellery pieces. Some birds aren’t meant to be caged… make taxidermy chic with Tracey Hills Gold Vermeil Bird Claw Earrings. Inspire conversation with these unconventional pieces. Glenda Lopez’s Silver Links Brooch can be pinned to hoop earrings, a necklace, a ring, or even a hair piece/accessory. Redefine the politics of jewellery with this affordable brooch. The Secret Diamond Ring emphasises the luxury of the diamond gemstone. This is an understated and minimalist item with a touch of splendour.


Oval-shaped 9kt Yellow Gold Medium Weight Engraved Signet Ring Personalised Zodiac Constellation Locket Necklace Sterling Silver Personalised Verity Gold Necklace

As a sentimentalist, you want jewellery that will last forever. Get creative with our range of personalised jewellery. Perhaps you received a Christmas engagement? Or you may even have a little one on the way. Mark your 2018 magic with a piece of jewellery that will capture the memory forever. The signet ring has a long cultural history - start a family tradition and give someone special a ring they’ll cherish forever. Lockets are a gorgeous item to keep someone you love close to your heart. Posh Totty Design’s Zodiac Constellation Locket will send you love to the moon and stars. Or if you something a little more traditional, Deborah Blyth Verity Gold Locket is a timeless piece to engrave with your most precious words.

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