New year, new resolutions.

Whether it's to stop eating chocolate, start going to the gym, finding new hobbies, there's always something we look to do differently in the new year. But when the end of the year comes, do any of us actually achieve our goal?

We decided to take a look at the meaning of certain gemstones and which ones you could wear to fit in with your New Year's resolution, to keep you away from going to the nearest fast food restaurant after a fulfilling work-out at the gym, and end the year feeling accomplished.


The name 'Amethyst' originates from the Greek meaning 'without drunkenness'


So already from that translation we know it's for those of us who like a drink or two on the weekend or after a long day at the office. Amethyst is a powerful and protective stone, whilst it's believed to guard against psychic attack and negativity. It has the ability to expand your thoughts, and enhance your passion and creativity.

This is a great stone for you if you're looking to start learning something new this year; Maybe writing a book or blog? Or starting up a new project... whether it's a business, decorating your house or even taking a class in a different language.


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The beautiful Aquamarine crystal's name derives from the Latin, meaning 'water of the sea'


They are said to be a crystal which lights up courage, whenever you are handling grief at any time and can assist in self healing, to relieve that 'why me' feeling. They assist you to released any anger you have and reduce stress, so it can really help you a lot if you're looking to take a more relaxed approach to things like work and studies in the new year. Maybe you want to start something new but are afraid of being in an environment you're unfamiliar with? Aquamarine is a useful stone for going through change as it gives you cleansing energy to overcome fears of being in the unknown, so it can help you through any new changes you plan to make in the new year.

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Citrine is a stone for those of you who are looking to make it into the big bucks.


So this new year, your goal may be to get your dream job and be successful in it, or maybe start up a business. Whatever it may be, the Citrine gemstone encourages fullness of life, fresh beginnings and new pursuits. Whilst it's meant to assist in acquiring wealth, it's meant to also assist in maintaining it. If you're in a career where you are involved in interaction everyday, Citrine helps you to further your communication in everyday life. Maybe your looking to take up something creative such as Art in the new year? This gemstone also gives you more creativity and imagination. If you're one of those who is maybe looking to prevent negative people from coming into your life or even getting rid of them, then carrying this will not only guard you against people who are going to break your heart but attract you to new potential interests.

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Clear Quartz

How many of you are looking to sit down in the new year and read a book without putting it down half way through?


Being in possession of Clear Quartz can aid with your concentration, so you can complete a good series of books in the new year or finish an exam or class without being distracted by your surroundings. Clear Quartz, also known as 'ice crystal', need to be cleaned regularly, as it's believed it absorbs energies very efficiently and easily. They are very effective for people who's star sign is either Capricorn, Leo and Gemini. It's thought to reduce stubbornness for Capricorn's, be special power boosters for Leo's and are effective when Gemini's are striving to be more tolerant of others.


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Lapis Lazuli

If one of your new year's resolution is to be more truthful then Lapis is the stone for you.


It's known as the stone of truth, and encourages honesty of the spirit. Lapis is also good if your challenging yourself to learn new things in the new year, as it stimulates the desire for knowledge and understanding and it aids the process of learning. Something very good for you to enhance your memory. Another new year resolution for you could be to make new friends? Not only is Lapis the stone of truth, it's the stone of friendship.

Wearing Lapis allows you to bring harmony in relationships and is helpful for deep forms of communication. If you're aiming for promotion in the workplace, Lapis attracts promotion, and long lasting success and recognition in your line of work. 

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