Gifting your loved one a promise ring is a sign of commitment and a reflection of your devotion to one another. It’s often the first token of a serious relationship that is just developing but isn’t quite ready for the commitment of marriage. That’s why it’s sometimes known as a pre-engagement ring. It’s given with the understanding that it will be replaced in the future by an engagement ring.

A promise ring can mean a number of things: I promise to always love you; I’m serious about you; I promise to marry you one day, just not right now; I promise to be your best friend always.


What does a promise ring look like?

Typically, promise rings are more modest in both design and price than engagement rings. Diamonds are still popular, but in smaller sizes or with other gemstones. Usually the focus is not on the diamond, but on the overall design - so choose a design that will suit your partner (or yourself, if you’re allowed to choose your own!) Common themes include hearts, intertwined designs to represent the idea of a couple's union and eternity rings, as well as bands with a mosaic of stones.

Which finger do you wear a promise ring on?

In short, you can wear it on any finger you like. But traditionally a promise ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand if you’re not married, or the ring finger of the right hand if you are married. You can even wear it on a chain around your neck.

When to buy a promise ring?

- If you’ve been together for a few years and you know they’re the one, but you’re not quite ready for marriage (or you can’t afford it yet).

- If you and your partner don’t believe in marriage but you want something to show your long-term commitment. Often people don’t want to get married for a second time, so this can be a nice alternative.

- You want to promise something specific. In some cases, the promise ring symbolises purity and a decision to remain celibate until marriage.