You’ll love what jewellery our editors have been wearing lately. Lucky for us, we get the first glimpse at the latest pieces and collections our amazing community of designers have been working on. It’s such an enriching experience to meet designers at our pop up events. We have the privilege of trying on their stunning pieces and discussing the work that goes into their wonderful creations.

Discover what jewellery the JewelStreet editors have been wearing this month. From gemstone necklaces to statement rings. Will our favourites be your new favourites too? 


You are gold

Editor's picks

“This season I'm in love with the statement signet rings from SVP and Blush & Bashful. They are perfect for stacking and will definitely give my looks a lift. Although I believe in investing in pieces that I can get a lot of mileage out of and wear every day, so these bold yellow gold pendants by Laura Adele would be my sunshine baby this winter!”

Viv is rarely seen without her favourite ring (second to her diamond engagement ring) - a moondance labradorite gemstone design by SVP Jewellery. This unusual gemstone reflects lots of different colours, making each ring completely unique. Yellow gold is Viv’s metal of choice, and the rich hues of the gold setting truly adds that extra hit of warmth to Viv’s autumn winter wardrobe. 

SVP Ring

To complement Viv’s gold ring, she loves her simple chain necklace by Laura Adele Jewellery. Viv is always glued to Laura’s display at the JewelStreet pop up events. Laura’s contemporary and elegant gold designs are loved by all women, no matter their style. Designs as sophisticated as Laura Adele Jewellery’s are timeless, so make sure you check out their boutique for your next seasonal favourite. 

Laura Adele necklace

Gemstone delights

 Editor's picks

“During this time of the year, I love to wrap up warm with snug turtlenecks and chunky knitwear. My favourite way to accessorise is with a simple necklace hanging over the high neckline for a bit of sparkle. I’m a big fan of earrings, so a cute pair of gemstone earrings really completes my autumn/winter look.”

Last Christmas, Beth was given a gorgeous Lily Blanche locket by her significant other. Nearly one year one, I’m not sure I’ve seen Beth without this much-loved piece! Lockets are made to be cherished, and the beautiful designs crafted by Lily Blanche are extra-special. Send a hint to your other half for a locket to be treasured all year round (especially in winter when a warm embrace is always needed!)

 Lily Blanche locket

Beth is a huge fan of gemstone designs, and these gorgeous citrine drop earrings by Latelita London are among her favourites. The warm citrine hues add the perfect amount of warmth and shine to any winter outfit, so these earrings are sure to see you through the cold months.

Gemstone earrings

Dark and full of depth

 Editor's picks

It’s not often I switch my jewellery style up, but this season I’ve been loving yellow gold. I’m usually loyal to silver settings, but gold adds the perfect amount of warmth to an outfit. Roz Buehrlen’s designs have been my go-to this season, especially her skull pieces. They’re edgy but playful. Roz told me she used to be a punk rocker when she was younger, and I love that this translates into her designs.

 Skull earring

I think every woman needs a chic pair of earrings to transform her evening attire For me, Marcello Riccio’s designs will never let you down. 90% of my wardrobe is black and I think there’s nothing chicer than an all black outfit. These amazing agate earrings are the perfect balance between masculine and feminine and make you feel like the height of elegance when wearing them.

Marcello Riccio earrings

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