Jewellery to wear with a navy dress

Choosing jewellery to wear with a navy dress can be difficult. Sometimes it feels like the only metal you can wear is gold. Sometimes us silver-lovers become disheartened and stray away from navy clothing for this exact reason. But these are jewellery myths of the past. Navy blue is an elegant and classic colour, and goes with almost everything. Put your trust in me...

Today, we’re solving all of your styling problems. Stay tuned as we give you the lowdown on the perfect jewellery to pair with your navy dress. We’ve taken tips from influencers such as Louise Roe, who has effortlessly pulled off the navy dress street-style above.

We’ll be looking at some common old wives tales about styling navy. We’re going against these styling faux pas of the past, and forging the future of navy styling.

Myth: You can’t wear silver jewellery when wearing Navy.

Truth: You 100% can.

Whilst silver jewellery is a contemporary accent colour when paired with navy, gold serves wearers with more of a traditional roman vibe. It’s completely up to you which one you choose. Silver and gold both have their unique qualities, and serve different aesthetics. Silver is refreshing and edgy, and gold is refined and elegant. These qualities tend to fluctuate, however, depending on the piece of jewellery.

Why not choose a pair of statement earrings like Louise Roe has, and let the dress speak for itself? Or pop on a few pretty pendants for a chic and sophisticated vibe.

Personalised Zodiac Constellation Locket Necklace Yellow Gold Plated

Posh Totty Designs | Personalised Zodiac Constellation Locket Necklace Yellow Gold Plated | £89.00

Alternatively, why not choose both silver and gold?! You make your own rules in the jewellery game. Pick up your chosen metal and roll the dice. You only set the trends when you take a risk. Contrary to popular belief, gold and silver make for an excellent jewellery pairing. 

Who cares what everyone else is wearing if you feel confident and empowered? Confidence is everything. Jewellery can imbue you with a refreshing strength and vibrancy. So throw on your gorgeous navy dress, pick out your handmade jewellery pieces, and you’ll feel red carpet ready. 

Myth: You can’t wear coloured gemstones when wearing Navy

Truth: You definitely can.

Navy is in the same colour palette as darker tones such as maroon, mahogany brown and black. It makes sense that navy would be offset beautifully by brighter jewellery. What could be more bright and noticeable than coloured gemstones? 

There are so many gorgeous gemstones to choose from. Ruby, amethyst, turquoise, sapphire, jade, pearl, emerald, opal, moonstone… just to name a few. All of these stones make for a palatable and unique style combination when paired with navy. 

Do you have a piece of birthstone jewellery stored away? It’s time to dig it out of your jewellery box, and place it front and centre. Your birthstone will suit your navy dress any day of the week. Casual or dressy, birthstones are central to any occasion. 

Yellow Gold Plated Manhattan Interchangeable Gemstone Earrings

Auree Jewellery | Yellow Gold Plated Manhattan Interchangeable Gemstone Earrings | £100.00

Myth: You can’t wear a necklace, bracelet, ring, and earrings all at the same time.

Truth: Yes. Yes you can. 

Sometimes less is more. But when you navy dress is concerned, more is definitely more. 

Now don’t go trigger happy. This is still dependent on the design of your dress. Is it a block navy colour or is it patterned? If, for example, it has a large floral print, then you may not get away with a full set of jewellery. But if your dress is plain, then you have free rein of the jewellery box. 

Again, it’s up to you to decide how extra you want to be.

18kt Rose Gold Vermeil Sanshi Blue Topaz Long Earrings

Tsai x Tsai | 18kt Rose Gold Vermeil Sanshi Blue Topaz Long Earrings | £89.00

 Images sourced from Pinterest.