What jewellery to wear with your wedding dress

Are you unsure what jewellery to wear with your wedding dress? Don’t worry, many brides struggle with this part of their wedding planning! With an endless choice of wedding dress silhouettes and styles, it can seem impossible to know what jewellery looks better with each style. You wonder whether there are even rules to wedding day accessories. Can you wear a necklace if you’re wearing statement earrings and a bracelet? When is it acceptable to wear a tiara? What jewellery goes with a high neck dress?

You needn’t worry any longer. With this guide, you’ll know exactly what jewellery will look best with your style of wedding dress. From strapless dressed to bateau necklines, discover what jewellery will make you look and feel like royalty on your wedding day!

Plunging Neckline

Sterling Silver Duco Ring Sterling Silver & Palladium Pearshaped Lariat Tennis Necklace 14kt White Topaz Earring - April Birthstone 

A wedding dress with a plunging neckline will always be a show-stopper. These are probably the most difficult styles of wedding dress to accessorise. On the one hand, you don’t want to overdo your wedding look. But you also don’t want to feel bare and uncovered. The plunging neckline works to elongate your torso. You can emphasise this by wearing a delicate lariat necklace to continue this vertical illusion. Pair with a small pair of drop earring to coordinate with your long and lean look. If you want your wedding look to lean towards the traditional, play it simple with a pair of diamond studs. A small detail like this can go a long way. Your wedding day look will be radiant, confident and considered with jewellery that lets the bride take centre stage!

Scoop Neck

Rhodium Plated Anya Bracelet I 14kt Gold Filled Short Baroque Freshwater Pearl Earrings Double Row Tennis Bracelet

A scoop neck wedding dress is one of the most traditional silhouettes. Therefore, your jewellery should also be traditional in style and design. You don’t want to confuse different aesthetics on your wedding day - your look should be thoughtful, considerate and natural. Keep it chic with a tennis bracelet and a pair of baroque pearl earrings. These two items are synonymous with class and glamour, making you look and feel like a goddess on your wedding day! A barely-there necklace would be my second choice for this style of dress. However I think a bare chest and elegant pair of earrings is a much better combination! Some people have reservations about mixing and matching diamonds and pearls, but their white gleam and brilliance makes these two gemstones a match made in heaven!

Bateau Neckline 

Filigree Magdelena Cuff 18kt Rose Gold Amber & Pearl Earrings Manhattan Double Torque Cuff

A bateau neckline creates a bold look. The strong horizontal shape is supposed to emphasise the woman’s collarbones, and so you won’t want your jewellery to detract from this. Much like a high neck wedding dress, you should keep your wedding accessories simple and understated. A striking yet elegant cuff bracelet is the perfect accompaniment to this style of wedding dress. It’s probably with this look your arms are the only areas of skin you’ll have on show, so for a polished look a bracelet of some kind is necessary. Choose something simple and angular for a contemporary look. If your style is more vintage glamour, adorn your wrists in diamonds to shine throughout your big day. A pair of drop earrings will add the final touch to your wedding look. With a lot of white on show, why not go for a coloured gemstone to inject some fashion finesse into your ensemble. You should still look on-trend at your wedding! Choose your or your betrothed’s birthstone for an extra-special touch.

High Neck

Two Leaf Diamond Brooch Criss Cross Artisan Pave Hoop Earrings Sterling Silver Thuja Leaf Brooches

High neck dresses are endlessly elegant. The shape of wedding this style of wedding dress will elongate your figure, and so you want your jewellery to continue this effect. We all saw Meghan Markle in her second wedding dress by Stella McCartney. She accessorized her halter high neck dress flawlessly with a delicate pair of earrings and a cocktail ring. A wedding dress with a high neck is always striking, and so you want to keep your jewellery minimal. The best way to style a high neck dress is using hair accessories. Fasten a diamond brooch in your hair for a luxury look that won’t detract from your gorgeous gown. Avoid necklaces and keep your earrings simple and chic. We recommend Harry Kotlar’s diamond hoops - a classic style to go with your striking dress. By going understated with your jewellery, your wedding look will look effortlessly glamorous.


Sterling Silver Vulcan Choker Necklace Criss Cross Diamond Bracelet White Gold & Diamond Colocasia GL Necklace

Strapless dresses are one of the most popular styles of wedding gowns. In terms of wedding jewellery, strapless dresses are also very versatile. For a straight neckline, you have limitless choices. This gives you the freedom to choose jewellery that reflects your style aesthetic. Are you more traditional? How about a long string of pearls. Like to be modern and edgy? Why not go for a dramatic thick lace choker. Though you have lots of options, it’s important not to go over-the-top with your look… which can be tempting! Go for a glamorous statement necklace and a coordinating bracelet for a wedding look that captures your natural beauty. Keep your earring small and simple, like a pair of diamond studs, and let your necklace take the centre stage. With our gorgeous diamond jewellery options, you’ll be a vision of radiance on your big day.

Off the shoulder

Baguette Triple Ear Cuff White Gold Sterling Silver ICE Elegant Pendant White Gold & Diamond East Collection Ear Cuffs

Like a strapless dress, an off the shoulder wedding style allows you to be free with your accessories. Chunky chokers, statement earrings, dazzling diamond bracelets - the choices are endless. Personally, I think a short length or choker necklace is a must with a classic-style off the shoulder dress. However if you have a more bohemian style off the shoulder dress, it’s all about the earrings. For the latter, wear a striking ear cuff or jacket for a wedding look that is unique and modern. An ear cuff with look edgy and chic, dazzling your guests as you tuck your hair behind your ear. If your dress is sleek and classic, wear a classic pair of diamond studs with a statement necklace that will tie your wedding look together. Be playful! This look allows you to wear XXL jewellery, and whilst bigger doesn’t always mean better, it will pay off this time!